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Efood delivery workers on 24h strike despite company promising contracts

The online app for food delivery efood announced on Thursday that it will turn all working contracts into ‘unlimited’ ones thus recognizing the time they worked in the past and will hire 2,016 people.

The company proceeds in changing the working status of delivery workers after a huge outcry on social media, customers backlash and thousands of negative comments that caused its rating in play stores to plunge

A week ago, the online food platform efood had decided to turn the contract-based workers into freelancers.

On Wednesday, delivery workers protested with a work stoppage and a motor-march outside the Labor Ministry in Athens, while they declared a 24-hour strike for today, Friday.

Apparently, efood’s statement of work contracts and vague improvement of conditions did not satisfy the delivery riders who demand that the company provides the motorcycle or pay a 15% additional allowance, payment of the used fuel as well as protection measures and most of all a collective bargain.

Efood delivery workers supported by riders of another big food delivery platform and several workers’ unions are holding a protest meeting in downtown Athens, Thessaloniki and other big cities.

PS Apparently all delivery workers are on strike, but you have to check this in practice.

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