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Over 3,800 houses & buildings declared “uninhabitable” in earthquake hit Crete

Almost 4,000 houses, businesses and public building have been declared as “uninhabitable”, so far, in central Crete, after the earthquake that stroke with 6 R Arkalochori and the broader area on September 27.

6,000 inspections have been conducted by teams of engineers from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportin residences, business premises and public buildings in the affected areas, that is the Municipalities of Minoa-Pediada, Archanes – Asterousia, Heraklion, Malevizi, Lassithi Plateau, Gortyna, Hersonissos, Viannos, Phaistos and Ierapetra.

According to a report from October 4, out of 5,147 residential buildings inspected 3,074 were deemed to be unsafe for habitation.

Significant damages have been found in commercial buildings: 151 of 268 inspected buildings have been deemed as unsafe and so are 154 public buildings and places of worship.

Another 363 buildings, including warehouses and stables, have also been declared as unsafe.

State broadcaster ERT reported on Tuesday that a total of 3,812 houses have been declared as “uninhabitable.”

Inspections continue in the broader area.

Meanwhile, the majority of earthquake victims who have not moved to relatives and friends in other areas, continue to be accommodated in tents. Setting up some 33 house-containers is being delayed.

The basketball court in Arkalochori reportedly remains largely …empty, as it is for vaccinated citizens only due to coronavirus health protocols in common closed spaces.

At the same time, a coronavirus outbreak has been recorded in a tent that accommodates a total of 12 quake victims. Health authorities have confirmed four infections. The patients are a 26-year-old man and his 9.5-month old baby as well as two children aged 12 and 15.

The infant and the family members have been transferred to a quarantine hotel in the area, local media cretapost reported.

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