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Parole for Golden Dawn convict Patelis; was sentenced 10 years for assistance to Fyssas’ murder

A year after the leaders of neo-Nazi Golden Dawn were jailed, the head of the local branch in Nikaia, Giorgos Patelis was set free. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for assistance in the the murder of rapper Pavlos Fyssas.and for being a member of a criminal organization.

The five-member Court of Appeals for Suspension accepted with a majority the request for the release of Patelis.

The man who was known as “whatever moves is being slaughtered” filed for the suspension of his sentence citing [psychological reasons of his child” and presented also a psychiatric opinion.

His lawyer reportedly said that Patelis’ son was facing mental health problems.

The prosecutor who proposed the release has reportedly said that “there is no serious possibility of a new act being committed as the specific offense was committed for specific reasons in view of specific circumstances.” The prosecutor also spoke of an “exemplary detainee,”, newspaper efsyn reported.

The GD leadership  was sentenced to 13 years in prison on October 2020, imposing the near-maximum penalty for running a criminal organization blamed for numerous violent hate crimes.

Eleven other former MPs of GD were jailed for between five and seven years for membership of a criminal organization, while a party associate was given a life sentence for the murder of Greek rap singer Pavlos Fyssas in a 2013 attack that triggered the crackdown against the party.

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  1. This is seems to me that a child reared by a convicted murderer will not do well under any circumstances, and especially if the child already needs specialist care. What possible benefit could it be to the child to have their murderous father in their lives? It also sets a very bad precedent legally speaking. I am not impressed.