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Residence permit renewal in Greece exclusively electronic as of Nov. 16

The procedure to renew residence permits for all non-EU nationals will move online exclusively as of November 16, 2021 the Migration and Asylum Ministry announced on Friday.

In a statement, the ministry said this change includes all residence permits regardless of duration and relates to nearly 700,000 individuals, including 250,000 who have permits that expire on December 31, 2021.

An applicant who wants to renew their permit will confirm their identity by phone and email, and contact officials online. Lawyers will be able to file applications on behalf of their clients through the Plenary of Greek Bar Associations platform (portal.olomeleia.gr), which interfaces with the state’s Metanastefsi information system.

After they process the applications, one-stop ministry offices and other administrative services will send an electronic invitation to the applicant for an appointment to collect biometric data. [amna]

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  1. The Metanastefsi web site has a link to “Instructions for the registration process on the online services.” That links to a pdf document which does not contain any mention of residence permits issued to UK citizens under the Withdrawal Agreement?

  2. Ha! They will never stop the “run-around”. You will still be visiting police stations and municipal offices on multiple ocasions. The process will still take years in many cases – my wife is hoping to collect hers next week after thirteen years! Still ten years to get an appeal through the courts.
    So don’t get excited. Take a “believe it when you see it” attitude. Electronic lies are no different to lies to your face. One-stop anything doesn’t exist here.
    Best of luck to you all – you’ll need it!

  3. I take it this is for the foreign nationals who don’t already have a biometric resident permit

  4. Update.
    Spoke to the police officer who issued my biometric resident permit earlier this year, who told me that the platform is for UK national’s who are doing their first residency application.
    As for renewal of biometric resident permits issued to UK national’s to replace the original ones after Brexit, they will renew theirs with the police when due.