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Greek FM criticizes Spain over defense cooperation with Turkey

Greece’s Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias sent a clear message to EU member-states “to follow France’s example and not supply arms to countries that threaten war”, especially when the threats were against other countries in the EU. Dendias’s message has been interpreted as criticism to Spain just hours after the Psanish Prime Minister visited Ankara to discuss defense cooperation with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Dendias made his statement after a meeting with his French counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian in Athenspn Friday.

He also underlined that Greece promotes regional stability and focused on the “timeless excellent ties between Greece and France,” making a special reference to the Strategic Partnership Agreement which, as he said, is the capstone of Greek-French bilateral relations.

He reassured that the agreement with France does not threat anyone.

The two ministers also discussed the very worrying situation in Sahel and the risk the instability will spread in the wider region: “Greece shares France’s worries over the Sahel and is closely monitoring developments via the new Greek Embassy in Senegal,” he said.

Dendias expressed Greece’s will to strengthen its relationship with African countries, stating that he will next week visit Gabon, to which Greece will donate vaccines.

On the developments in the western Balkans, Dendias said that “I am sorry to say that we are not very comfortable” and said that they agreed to send them a message on their European perspective”.  He also reiterated that he supports Albania and North Macedonia’s EU accession deliberations before the end of the year.

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  1. I have always maintained that Germany and Spain are not to be trusted.

    We saw how carefully the EU patronized Spain (as well as a traditionally feeble Italy) for control during the Merkel / Schauble era, one that future historians will mercilessly ridicule.

    Even with its totalitarian past, Spain banned Catalina’s independence referendum with a heavy police crackdown only a few years ago.

    If both of these nations are willing to sell arms against Europe’s Eastern front, they are part of Europe in name only.

    I also find it interesting to witness how either history repeats itself when forgiving has nothing to do forgetting, while constantly exercising the later.

    • Like Turkey during World War II, Spain under Francisco Franco was neutral and yet German submarines serviced in Spanish ports. Franco helped the Axis — whose members Italy also supported. Today all of Europe depends on trade cheat Germany’s booming trade surplus (or it would face imbalance if honest) depending on subservient nations lower economies to bolster its exports, run by an undemocratic and unaccountable unelected EU, if you thought that America was getting out of hand lately. And how much is said about all of this?

      Where is the stolen loan that these honoring commitments happy cheats kept saying they would repay, forcing loans in either direction when only one direction getting paid. They reunified and careful to not mention “peace treaty” to alleviate triggering promised reparations.

      Never mind Germany who houses Turks as their largest immigrant population and also sells Turkey submarines, Turkey wants to steal Greek territory during this modern age after Germany cast Greece into depression for a decade while Germany had lots of money to alleviate this economic insanity. And how little said, yet again such handicapped retention and process of recall to dare subtly or overtly repeat itself.