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Vaccinated outside Greece? Certificates, booster shot arrangements at KEP offices

Citizens who have been vaccinated abroad with two doses and want to be administered the booster shot -third dose – in Greece, will have to go to municipality citizens’ offices KEP and make the necessary arrangements, secretary general for the Primary Health Care Marios Themistokleous announced on Friday.

“the can go to KEP from Friday afternoon,” the secretary general told Skai TV.

This means that the relevant directive has been issued and sent to KEP offices because many complained still on Friday morning that KEP workers were unaware that they could do that.

KEP employees will register the two doses or the one of J&J in the Greek vaccination system and also schedule an appointment for the booster shot.

Only if they do the booster shot in Greece they will be able to receive a Greek and consequently a European vaccination certificate.

So far accepted are the four vaccines used also in Greece: AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson.

Themistokleous added that with regards to the 5 vaccines against Covid-19 (Simopharm, Spuntik etc) administered in third countries “we will start the relevant procedures in the middle of next week.”

He said also that for people who have been vaccinated abroad in order not to fall into the “mandatory vaccination” [for the over 60] there will be a technical solution that will be developed in the next 10 to 15 days.

PS what if KEP offices are closed Friday afternoon and over the weekend? You can still go on Monday…

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  1. Antonios Tzortzopoulos

    My wife and I had our first two shots in France and registered at KEP a month ago for our booster shots which we received 23 November. Unfortunately, our Greek vaccination certificate only shows two were received, not three. After countless trips to KEP and hospital pointing out the problem we were told it was a fault with the system and we would have to wait for it to be resolved. We could not use the Greek vaccination certificates for travel to Thailand and Australia this week because travel within 14 days of the second shot is not allowed. Luckily our French certificates were accepted but we are still in “no man’s land” with respect to the booster.