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Teacher filmed beating 16-year-old student in Attica school (video)

A video shows a teacher beating a female student in the classroom of a vocational school EPAL in Attica. The teacher has been suspended from duties, classmates of the girl destroyed his car.

According to the footage the teacher hit the 16-year-old girl twice. He first slapped her, then pulled her hair and threw her to the ground, when he hit her one more time.

The student’s classmates rushed in her protection and attacked the teacher. One of the students hit the teacher with his hands and feet and then tried to attack him with a chair.
The video was recorded by one of the girl’s classmates and was broadcast by T-Life Magazine on Alpha TV.

Following the incident, a group of students smashed up the teacher’s car and overturned it.

The teacher’s colleagues tried to protect him from the angry students and locked him in a room. They later helped him out of the facility from a back door, a police car arrived and he was arrested to be taken to prosecutor.

Speaking to T-Life reporter, the girl said that she was still in shock. She said there was a verbal confrontation with the teacher because he had marked her absent from class. He had been recording her absent from class for no reason, she said.

When they were informed of the incident, officials from the Education Ministry suspended the teacher from duties.

Neither the school nor the area have been identified, the school want to keep low profile after this unprecedented incident in Greece 2021.

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