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Teacher expels diabetic student from class due to insulin shots

A local high school in Chortiatis in Thessaloniki and the Greek Federation of Unions of People suffering from Diabetes have been at odds over the Federation describes as a “racist incident” against a student suffering from diabetes. Based on the student’s and the mother’s denouncement the Diabetes Federation issued a …

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Second case of bullying: the victim stabs 3 classmates

A student at a Nursing School in Athens stabbed three of her classmates on Thursday. The incident occurred during class, when the 22-year-old woman took a kitchen knife from her bag and attacked three other classmates, causing them minor injuries. The three victims, one Greek and two Albanian women, refused …

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UPD Victim of bullying Vaggelis Giakoumakis, 20, found dead

This must have been on of Greece’s most terrible cases of bullying: a student fell victim of the continuous use of violence and intimidation by his fellow students. Beginning of February,  Vaggelis Giakoymakis, 20, went missing, from the dormitory of Dairy School where he was studying in Ioannina, Northern Greece. …

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“My father committed suicide, Mr Samara…”: suicides in Greece rose 43% due to economic crisis

When did the economic crisis begin, how many people took their lives due to burdens and loads and loan they could not deal with? Suicides rose 43% between 2011 and 2007, which was the last year before the start of the economic crisis in Greece. The suicides rate between 2010 …

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Greek student in Japan recounts her earthquake experience

Greek news portal contacted Greek student Christina Anagnostopoulou, 25, student at the University of Tokyo. Anagnostopoulou was interviewed via Skype and described her experience from the 8,8 earthquake that shattered Japan and shocked the world. talked toAnagnostopoulou at 10:30 am Greek time/ 05:30 pm in Japan. While they were talking aftershocks were occurring …

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