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High school student electrocuted in school yard

Student electrocuted at school – Touched bare wire
Fortunately for him the contact with the cable was lightning fast

A high school student in Patras, western Greece, was electrocuted  after he came in contact with a bare power cable in the school yard.

According to the “Gnomi” newspaper, everything happened when

The 17-year-old student went to the courtyard together with classmates during a class break.

While the group was walking down the stairs, the student’s hand came in contact with a cable protruding from a power box on the wall.

As the cable was bare of isolation cover, the student suffered an electroshock despite the brief contact with the cable.

“The contact with the cable was lightning fast and to the point where he narrowly avoided electrocution,” local media reported.

He felt the current go through him, and a burning sense throughout his body.

His classmates were scared, the School Management and his parents were immediately notified and the 17-year-old was transferred to the hospital.

The doctors did all essential tests to determine if there has been damage to any organ, but no damage was found.

The student remained hospitalized still on Wednesday afternoon.

The school investigates how the bare power cable had come out of the box and nobody had noticed…

PS the latest incident is the last in a series of lack of maintenance in Greek schools.

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