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High school student files complaint against teachers for joining strike

A high school student on the island of Crete files a complaint against four of his teachers because they joined the strike on September 21, and “deprived him of his right to knowledge,” as he claimed.

The pan-Hellenic strike on September 21 was aginast the bew Labor Bill that deprives workers of basic labor rights.

The student appealed to the Primary Prosecutor’s Office in Rethymnon on Thursday that coincided with the World Teachers’ Day.

it should be noted that on WTD, there was a wave of posts on Greek social media against teachers, with users claiming that ;they have much too many holidays” and they do not work as much as they should.

The Prosecutor’s Office forwarded the student’s complaint to the Rethymnon police station, where the four women were invited on Friday afternoon, so that, according to media information, “recommendations” could be made to them.

The education community is angry but also perplex especially with the easiness a minor child succeeded to file a complaint against a constitutionally guaranteed right, such as the right to strike.

Teachers, who, as they often emphasize, face extraordinary difficulties in the exercise of their work, struggling with gaps and deficiencies at all levels, are now faced with an event that undermines the fight they are trying to make by claiming better working conditions .

The teachers’ union ELME has called for a protest gathering outside the police station of Rethymno at 7:30 p.m., where the four female teachers will be to receive “instructions.”

Several unions of different sectors have also called its members to join the protest outside the police station.

PS I cannot think of any “instructions” the police can give to teachers, unless they still have a junta in Rethymno.

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  1. I presume the right to strike is defined in some law or in the constitution. If I am correct and the police give any instructions at all that contravene that right I hope the teachers report the police to the prosecutors office.

  2. Attention seeker. Probably hoping to make a career from the publicity.