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Tsipras to Mitsotakis: “Apologize or resign!” for lying in Parliament

Main opposition leader of SYRIZA Alexis Tsipras urged Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Thursday to either to apologize or resign.

“In any other country in the European Union, if the Prime Minister was caught lying in Parliament about such a critical issue, which concerns the lives of tens, hundreds, thousands of people, I would say that he either would publicly apologize or resign.”

On the center of the major political dispute and confrontation is the Tsiodras-Lytras study conducted September 2020-May 2021 on the high mortality of intubated Covid-patients outside ICUs and the disparity of the health system between Attica and the rest of the country.

Tsipras saw a reason for the Prime Minister’s “either apology or resignation” on Mitsotakis statement in Parliament beginning of December that he was not aware of any study showing mortally of intubated patients outside ICU was higher than inside.

“In Greece, however, neither happens. And this confirms the great deficit of democracy that our country has today,” Tsipras stressed.

Publishing excerpts of the study on Twitter by one of the researchers on Tuesday has certainly caught the Prime Minister and the government by a big surprise, so big that they needed some 36 hours to react.

Government spokesman Giannis Oikonomou said Thursday noon that the Prime Minister was not aware of the study and neither was any of his close associates, even though co0researcher Theodore Lytras said that they informed the political leadership in May.

However, Oikonomou did not bother to reveal or probably did not consider as necessary to do so who was aware of the study and whether this person either resign or removed from his post by the Prime Minister.

PS What Tsipras probably doesn’t know is that also Boris Johnson was caught lying in Parliament and he neither resign nor apologize. But UK is not EU member anymore…

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  1. To your PS.: nothing in the whole EU or UK compares to the Greek democracy … nothing in the whole EU or UK compares to the Greek legalsystem…. and finaly nothing in the whole EU or UK compares to the Greek health system. Your brilliant leader is unique

    • There is absolutely nothing brilliant about Boris. He can even lie to the Queen to shut down parliament and get away with it.

  2. Ref your PS, Johnson has been caught lying repeatedly throughout his whole life and never apologises nor resigns. He has, on occasion, been sacked for lying and I suspect he is getting close to that again.