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Kafkaesque-situation on Crete, when man positive on self-test seeks PCR-confirmation

Seeking to have a molecular PCR-test on Christmas Day turned into a small adventure for a young man in Heraklio on the island of Crete. Twice tested positive on self-tests, the young man sought to confirm the illness with a PCR-test. Mission impossible.

The 24-year-old man felt ill on Saturday morning and carried out a self-test at home. The test was positive and so was a second test he carried out.

He took a cab and went to PAGNI hospital in order to have a molecular PCR-test as private laboratories were closed and Covid-illness registration is possible with a molecular test.

At the hospital, he informed the staff that the self-test was positive and was informed that the hospital doesn’t carry out molecular tests and should to to the local health unit of IKA at Estavromenos area.

He took another cab and went to IKA only to hear that they don’t carry out PCR tests and that he should go back to the hospital.

With a third taxi, he return to the hospital, told the staff what happened at the IKA. Ultimately, the staff told him that there was communication between PAGNI and IKA and sent him back to Estavromenos.

With a fourth cab, he returned to IKA thinking everything was not settled.

However, the IKA staff informed him that they could not carry out a PCR-test on him.

Obviously, fed up with the Kafkaesque-situation, the young man took another taxi and returned home where he went in isolation until Monday morning when the private diagnostic centers would open again.

Worth noting that the young man spent some 60 euros in taxis and at the same time he spread the virus to five cab drivers.

It was the young man’s mother who reported the adventure for PCR test to Radio Crete and decribed the situation as “unacceptable.”

She said “it’s not about the 60 euros for taxis but about the health authorities’ indifference as well as the danger of spreading the virus.”

On his part, the commander of PAGNI, Giorgos Chalkiadakis, told Radio Crete that the hospital is not obliged to perform a molecular test or rapid test on an outpatient, but he will investigate the incident.


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  1. I had similar situation. Tested positive 3x, 40 degrees, caughing. Ministry hotline hang up on me, since “i was vaccinated and not officially diagnosed”. I called my contacts and went into 10 days self isolation.

    Ihave no official confirmation, since I had no heart to spread covid in metro, bus and hospital tobget official PCR test.

    • If it wasn’t too long ago, you might probably still test positive on a PCR test. They can test positive for 1-3 months after Covid; that is, if you need or want a Covid recovery certificate. However, they aren’t valid until 30 days after the positive PCR test.

  2. Then you wonder why the numbers in Greece are horrible. If the laboratories are closed I think the hospital should be obliged to test someone. The young man did the right thing. I believe people just don’t care anymore.