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Greece’s epidemiologists are considering 5 more restrictions if infections keep rising

With the Omicron variant prevailing in Greece skyrocketing the daily infection cases and slowly affecting the operation of hospitals and public services, epidemiologists in the country advising the government are reportedly considering a package of new restrictions in an effort to contain the spread of coronavirus.

The additional measures implemented since December 30 have apparently not managed to put a brake to infections and therefore the epidemiologists are discussing an additional restriction package with five measures, even though many scientists believe that the Omicron variant is milder and may not cause serious illness.

According to information obtained by health issues website, the new restrictions under consideration are:

-To set a new limit on the number of people in theaters, cinemas and other enclosed spaces where only vaccinated people are allowed to enter and the occupancy is currently 100%.

-To ban the entrance to the outdoor dining areas for those who have not been vaccinated. That is, they will not be able to visit outdoors restaurants even with a negative Rapid test.

-To increase the number of mandatory Covid-tests for unvaccinated workers; currently 2 per week.

– Compulsory vaccination to be extended to those aged over 50, and even to those over 40 as this age group is intensively active in productivity and social life.

– Further restriction in the operation of restaurants and bars to 10 o’ clock at night from midnight currently. This should be decided if infections increase and the measures of Dec 30 proven as not effective enough

Epidemiologists are expected to take the relevant decision on new restrictions in the coming days, notes healthreport.

The Greek government has repeatedly ruled out a general lockdown even though daily infections broke one record after the other in the last 7 days.

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  1. Lockdown in all but name so as not to have to pay/compensate people and businesses.

    Yet all the church celebrations leading up to and including epiphany will go ahead.

    • As usual the Church is exempt even though so many of the priests are unvaccinated!!

      • It is a FACT that both vaccinated and unvaccinated can get the covid. Perhaps you need to question, then, the overall policy of excluding the unvaccinated from certain areas. There are plenty of godless countries where some posters on here may feel more comfortable.

  2. Looking forward to information about Greece and the Novavax from the Ministry of Health, now that it has been approved by the The European Commission. Let’s hope that any measures taken are evidence based and not based on fear and emotion.

  3. William Mallinson

    Holding a gun to the heads of the over-60’s is simple apartheid. and extortion. Many of these people have already been waiting for some years for their state pensions, and must now pay 100 Euros a month for choosing not to be vaccinated. Surrealistic for the cradle of democracy!

  4. Day in day out i see people going into the breadshop in rhodes without a mask😞
    In lidl one mask and the guard is looking away smokiyhis cigarette.
    You can make restrictions as much as you want but without control they are useless.

  5. Why is it restaurants are the first to get restricted? They are the ones paying the price. There should be more spot checks, still people in stores not wearing their mask appropriately. After two years of pandemic people should know better. Are people wearing masks in the churches? Highly unlikely but the government won’t put restrictions on them. Obviously the measures they put in place are not working. We had to save the Christmas Holiday.