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Epidemiologists sound alarm on floods impact to public health

Epidemiologists sound alarm on severe impact of the floods to public health and warn of several diseases, such as typhus, gastroenteritis, malaria and West Nile Virus, that would break out in the flooded areas due to a large number of drown animals and flood waters to have infiltrated the sewage …

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Greece’s experts examine lifting the mandatory use of masks outdoors

Greece’s epidemiologists’ committee is meeting on Wednesday to examine the possibility of further lifting of Covid-restrictions with the mandatory use of masks outdoors expected to be on the focus of the discussion. The epidemiologists who advise the Health Ministry will reportedly consider whether to lift the mandatory use of masks …

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Greece’s epidemiologists consider lifting more Covid-restrictions

Greece’s epidemiologists are called this week to satisfy if not all at least some of the requests of the government for liftiing several restrictions aiming to contain the spread of the coronavirus in the country. At least for vaccinated citizens the government has reportedly requested the epidemiologists’ committee to give …

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Epidemiologists recommend reopening of schools on April 12

Members of the committee of epidemiologists advising the government on the course of the pandemic and Εducation Minister Niki Kerameos are meeting on Wednesday to decide on the reopening of the schools in Greece. Epidemiologists and the Education Minister are to decide whether, when and under which conditions the schools …

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Greek Police bans public gatherings of over 100 persons until Feb 1

Out of a sudden and without a warning, the chief of Greece’s Police issued a ban on large public gatherings with more than 100 people with effect as of 6:00 a.m. Tuesday and for 6 days, until February 1, 2021, “at least.” Police Chief Michalis Karamalakis claims for the decision …

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Greek epidemiologists concerned about virus spread, juvenile intubations, Rt=1+

The number of coronavirus cases in Greece remains high, increasing also the possibility for additional stricter measures. 4,033 infections have been recorded alone from August 1 to August 22, while the number of new cases reached over 1,500 in the last week (August 16-22.) . Indicative for the worrying situation …

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