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Covid-restrictions lifted on Mykonos; epidemiologists consider solutions for other islands

Greek authorities lifted the Covid-restrictions on the island of Mykonos at 6 o’ clock on Monday morning citing improvement of the epidemiological situation. The restrictions imposed a week earlier were nigh curfew and banning music on an island famous for the entertainment it offers to thousands of visitors each summer.

The island remains under constant surveillance and new measures are not ruled out if entertainment continuous as before, regulations are not observed and an increase of infections is recorded, media report on Monday. According to media, although music was banned, parties took place in private villas and luxury yachts with no strict control by the authorities.

There is reportedly a slight reduction in new infections and the situation seems to have stabilized.

But Mykonos is not the only island that experienced coronavirus outbreaks.

The island of Paros, also in the Cyclades group, is under increased surveillance, however, there is a different model of applied “restrictions”: intensive control checks in facilities where crowding phenomena are being observed.

In the last few days, fines of 2,000 euros and a seven-day closure were imposed on 8 clubs, seven on Paros and one on Antiparos, where standing customers were found as the law allows only seated guests.

In case of recurrence the fine increases to 20,000 euros and 15 days of shut down.

As infections reportedly increase on Santorini, Rhodes and Crete and are on the rise also on Zakynthos and Corfu, the epidemiologists’ committee is expected to decide in the upcoming days whether restrictions Mykonos-style will be imposed or the Paros-model will be followed.

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  1. It’s time governments realised that the tests are useless and pick up old debris in body system and also could be a cold or ordinary flu which have both been rebranded as covid 19