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Opposition accuses Gov’t of “false Covid-success story” after epidemiologist says…

Greece’s main opposition party SYRIZA accused the government on Monday that it is building a “false covid-19 success story,” after an epidemiologist said that the national committee did not recommend “no masks outdoors.”

“The fact that the government once again ignored the Committee of Infectious Diseases and asked the citizens to throw off their masks while the whole planet is warning about the ‘Delta’ variant confirms that Mr. Mitsotakis learned nothing from his criminal mistakes,” SYRIZA said on Monday.

It also accused the prime minister of “instrumentalizing scientists, sending dangerous messages of complacency and again building up a false success story and now that the cases are rising, he is investing in the deepest division of the citizens to hide his failure”.

A total confusion broke on Monday noon, when epidemiologist Nikos Sypsas told  Open TV that “the epidemiologists’ committee never recommended that people take off their masks. it said one can temporarily take off the mask outdoors where there is no crowding.”

He added that the wrong message was given to the people.

Note that at a live briefing on June 23, the health experts said that the epidemiologists committee unanimously decided that people can take off their masks outdoors.

On July 5 the total caboodle as there is again a surge of coronavirus infections and now everybody blames everybody. The government blames the citizens for not being vaccinated, the people and the opposition parties blame the government and the epidemiologists committee and the latter feel that they have to defend themselves.

PS You know how things work regarding Covid-19 in Greece: Οf course: epidemiologists said X, the experts said X+extra sauce to make it smoother and jollier, all Greeks understood “no masks outdoors unless crowding -whatever this means – , in touristic areas the travellers did not comply with the rules and soon the local too and now have a nice bowl of resurgence salad sprinkled with Delta variant for the extra crunch.

I knew I was living in a live circus but now the situation has got out of controls. The clowns took over….

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  1. Sir, ‘cabootle’ is neither the correct word in this case, nor does it help to simplify the poor grammer at the start of the sentence. The word you are looking for is ‘fuck-up; as in, ‘On July 5, the fuck-up became evident as there has been a surge,,,,,,etc.

  2. KTG, I just love your PS!!!
    Sadly to say but it is right in many countries, not just in Greece. I think it is a bitter salad no matter what sause you take to it…..

  3. Nobody wears masks correctly anyway. It has to by put on and removed, in a sterile environment. No touching or drinking. It has to be replaced every 25 minutes….

    • I don’t understand the obsession with stopping wearing face masks. I don’t like wearing one but it is only an irritation. In the countries around the world that have controlled COVID well and have low incidence, citizens wear masks as a matter of routine in any crowded space, inside or out, and have done for years. If everybody wears one it cuts down the spread of all airborne infectious diseases. The countries that have never really given a clear message on masks, where the public are anti-mask wearing and where there is a burning desire to abandon them are the ones with high infection rates.

      PS I would love to see a reference to the 25 minute time limit.