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Confusion whether Greek banks passed Stress Tests; Athens Stock Exchange -3.29%

Hardly had the European Central Bank released Sunday the official results of the stress tests, Greek mainstream media started to hail “Greek banks passed the tests” and “No need for recapitalization”. It took just a couple of minutes for a war of words to break out on the internet with …

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€11.5-Billion Package: Totally Perplexed About the Upcoming Austerity Cuts

I am totally baffled! And with me, millions of Greeks following the negotiations between Athens and the Troika, the bargain on the austerity measures to come with the €11.5-billion package. On Friday, we read about the raise of retirement age from 65 to 67, on Monday we read “the Troika doubts the …

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Emergency Property Tax: The Total Confusion!

If I were a surgeon, I would have raised my hands towards the sky and I would have said to the patient’s relatives “We did all we could. Now the patient is in God’s hands”. A similar clueless … moment happened to me in the last twelve hours, last night …

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