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Greece’s epidemiologists consider lifting more Covid-restrictions

Greece’s epidemiologists are called this week to satisfy if not all at least some of the requests of the government for liftiing several restrictions aiming to contain the spread of the coronavirus in the country.

At least for vaccinated citizens the government has reportedly requested the epidemiologists’ committee to give the green light for the further relaxing of restrictions.

The government is taking into consideration the de-congestion of Covid-19 patients in the hospitals, with the number of those intubated to have dropped to below 500 on Monday, even thought the number of daily deaths remains high, at an average of 80 per day..

On the Wish-List of the government are reportedly the following:

-Abolition of the mandatory use of masks outdoors. Fact is that fewer citizens wear them outdoors, while no fines are being imposed.

-Allow standing customers at entertainment venues, bars, cafes etc. Last week the health experts lifted the limit of sitting customers per table.

-Increase the occupancy rate at the stadiums to 50%. Nowadays the limit is 10% allowed occupancy and maximum 1,000 people

-To allow some carnival events but not the parades.

The epidemiologists are expected to meet tomorrow, Wednesday, February 16, and examine whether the epidemiological data allow them to approve the lifting of the restrictions in entertainment and sports.

It is considered as possible that the Committee will approve most of the government’s requests as both consider that the Omicron variant no longer causes serious illnesses that need hospitalization and the de-congestion of hospitals has started in the last couple of days, notes medical issues website

The website notes also that there are hardly control checks anymore.

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