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People vaccinated abroad can now register online for Greek certificate

Foreign and Greek nationals who have been vaccinated for Covid-19 in any of 60 countries that are part of the European Certificate program can now sign up on the online Greek National Vaccination Registry, Deputy Digital Governance Minister George Georgantas told Parliament on Monday.

According to Georgantas, people who have been administered a single or two doses of a vaccine in one of the European Union’s 27 countries or in another 33 besides those can register on the platform (also available in English) to have their certificates recognized. The platform may also be used by those who have received two doses in Greece and a booster shot abroad.

Those who have received two doses and want to get a booster shot in Greece may arrange an appointment through the same platform, the government official told MPs.

A Greek certificate facilitates admission to indoor venues that are open only to fully vaccinated people. These include restaurants, theaters and entertainment and music venues, among others.

People who have been vaccinated in a country other than the 60 included in the European certification program can apply for recognition of any valid vaccination certificates they have at any Citizens’ Service Center (KEP).

Under Greek law, people over the age of 60 who have not been inoculated against Covid-19 face a fine of 100 euros for every month they remain unvaccinated. [amna]

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  1. Just checked the link. . .and this isn’t going to work. People like us, American expats, who were vaccinated outside Greece didn’t get temporary AMKA numbers for shots. The second line of requirements is to have your AMKA number. . . it was a great idea though. . .

    • I also just checked the link and it will not allow me because I don’t have an AMKA number. I also contacted the KEP office in my area and they stated I would not be able to get the Greek Certificate without the AMKA. I am American and got vaccinated on the American military base in Chania. I’ve also had issues showing my vaccination card (paper format) in a lot of places. They will not accept without a QR code.

      • This news release was what I was waiting for, but I doesn’t work for me. I have a AMKA number issued in Chania, for COVID use only, was vaccinated at the American base in Souda Bay, 2 jabs and a booster and issued a paper shot record.
        Paper record and ID card has worked at most venues, but I’m concerned about being fined since I’m over 60. Not sure how they will track me down, but if they do, I’m toast!

      • This doesn’t work. I don’t have the documentation Greece requires, although I have been boosted.

  2. Well, the first page maybe in English, but that was it then. Furthermore you need Taxisnet, AMKA and Greek passport or ID.
    So how this is supposed to work for foreign nationals not even Zeus will know…

  3. Unfortunately this is how it works in Greece, some minister or government head comes out with a statement not thinking in the slightest about all the beauracacy that has been allowed to build up over the years, not just for the Greek people but the foreign nationals as well.
    The systems in place only seem so cater for monochrome thinking, the bureaucrats don’t seem to realize that generally people’s lives operate differently to how they think they should operate.

  4. The minister hasn’t a clue. It does not work for foreign passports and they should make this clear so we do not waste our time. My taxisnets codes and amka are all acknowledged and my details appear on the screen but then it does not recognise my passport number which is definitely registered in the system.

    • This is the same for me; I’m from UK and my passport should be linked to my AMKA but it isn’t accepted by the online system as UK passports don’t start with a letter. It doesn’t accept my Greek residency card number either so I’ll have to have KEP do it.

  5. I’ve attempted his, but the platform rejects temporary AMKA numbers prefixed with 9.
    My local KEP registered my booster jab given in the U.K., and printed a summary of my 3 vaccinations.
    They said it would not be possible to generate a QR code, so establishments may refuse my vaccination summary.
    I’m assuming that as my foreign booster jab is registered in the Greek system, I won’t be fined by the Greek tax authorities (I’m over 60), but KEP can’t confirm this !

  6. Why are people complaining this does not work. Outputs are never the consideration of a bureaucracy. Thank you to Deputy Digital Governance Minister George Georgantas for explaining the new system to Parliament and i hope you get a well deserved promotion. I wonder if the passports are here to stay in Greece, as time goes by there seems to be little or no justification for them.

  7. Don’t understand WHY they are going after 60 years and above! And why doesn’t it count when you have had the virus? This must be far better with the real antibodies than the injection!!!