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First cruise ship expected in Thessaloniki on Feb 5, says Tourism Minister

The first cruise ship is expected at the port of Thessaloniki on February 5, Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias said on Wednesday. He predicted a “record of arrivals of cruise ships in 2022.”

The arrival of the first cruise ship at the beginning of February shows the expansion of the tourist season and the cruise industry, which is so important for northern Greece and is a strategic goal for the country, the minister stressed.

He added that the quality upgrade of Greece’s tourist product is progressing rapidly with the upgrade of the facilities at OLTH port of Thessaloniki.

The Tourism Minister announced that with the cooperation of the tourism ministry, Fraport and OLTH, the check-in and the transfer of the luggage of travelers who go from the “Macedonia” airport to the port will be arranged by Fraport and OLTH.

The same will happen for the luggage of the passengers of the cruise ship who will continue their journey from the airport “Macedonia”.

He stressed that through such quality services and infrastructure upgrading, Greek tourism is improved, while visitors to Thessaloniki will have more time available to spend in the hotels, shops and restaurants of the city.facebook sharing button

In an interview with Skai TV on Thursday morning, minister Kikilias spoke of a “record cruise ship arrivals in 2022.”

He said “we are talking of luxury cruise ships with passengers and tourists who leave a very high income [?].
Referring to the first cruise ship in Thessaloniki, he said that cruises have increased by 50% in northern Greece, while a significant increase has been also recorded in Piraeus with dozens of more ships.



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