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42 Covid-patients refused treatment with anti-viral pills due to side-effects

Forty-two patients infected with Covid-19 refused treatment with anti-viral pills out of fear of the side-effects, Deputy Health Minister Mina Gaga said on Thursday.

Speaking at the weekly briefing Gaga said that the 42 patients were among the 757 applications in total that were approved for the administration of the pills.

There were a total of 1,436 applications, the minister added.

Anti-viral pills by MERCK are available in Greece since mid-January, those of Pfizer are reportedly expected soon. The pills are approved by special health experts committees and are for Covid-patients treated at home.

Minister Gaga recalled that applications via the patients physicians be submitted within the 3rd day at the latest on the 4th day of the illness, as on the 5th day and after it does not make sense to take antiviral drugs.

Gaga announced also that a service team for those who need antiviral drugs against CoViD, operates at the Ministry of Health.

“We inform patients with COVID-19 who are eligible for antiviral pills against COVID-19 that they can now contact the COVID-19 Antiviral Pill Procedure at email: .gr.

It is reminded that in order to receive the medicine, the patients whose application is approved, must immediately accept the terms of use and administration at the link Detailed instructions on the procedure are provided at “.

The new drugs offer safety to vulnerable patients who have the first symptoms and are positive for the virus. Medications protect against serious illness and the need for hospitalization.

According to the procedure that is implemented, the anti-vrial pills are delivered at home.

There is a time frame of 48 hours for the delivery of the pills to the patients, with the competent and all involved (doctors, Commission, EOPYY, pharmacies, courier service) to make a huge effort to complete the shipment of the pills within in a few hours, in order to use the time from the diagnosis.

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  1. but literally tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of side effects recorded in the yellow-card systems, and not a peep about the big pharma profit machines.. think about that for a moment and ask why nobody trusts the officials anymore!

  2. Seems to me that brainwashing works both ways….
    How about thinking yourself and being logic, for a change????