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Covid-restrictions that could be in force until Greek Easter, April 24

As Greece is preparing to lift some restrictions currently in force with the aim to contain the spread of the coronavirus ahead of the Greek orthodox Easter and the opening of the tourism season.

The government and health experts has decided to work in this direction, even though the harsh measures will be in force until probably the end of February.

The epidemiological burden may still be high with “the whole country in deep red,” as admitted by professor of Pediatrics – Infectious Diseases, a member of the committee of experts Vana Papaevangelou, but the country is being led to liberation from the measures.

After all, the government, like other European countries, seeks to return to normalcy so that the hit economy can fully function again.

However some measures and especially for the unvaccinated citizens will continue to exist until Easter -on April 24 in 2022 – and possibly also after that. Depending on whether new treatments or new vaccines are found or whether the pandemic is completely eradicated, medical issues website healthreport noted..

After all, the government believes that we have now entered another stage of the pandemic and everyone should protect themselves from the virus. Something that was clearly stated by Papaevangelou at the weekly briefing on Thursday.

As she characteristically said: “We have pointed out many times that the virus will find the unvaccinated and will infect them. But as we move forward, we are moderately optimistic based on the assessment of hard indicators and we hope that the gradual lifting of restrictions is possible. It is obvious, of course, that we are going through a phase where we have to learn to coexist with the virus circulating among us and that each of us has to make his own decisions about how much he accepts his exposure to it “.

The measures that will remain in force

Some restrictions are not expected to be lifted before Easter and will probably remain after that by decision of the government and experts, if it is deemed appropriate or a new Covid-19 mutation appears.

In particular, until Easter the measures expected to remain in force are:

-Use of masks indoors.
Regarding the use of masks in all outdoor areas that is in force today, according to information obtained by, scientists will immediately suggest that they be abolished since the measure has been weakened and is not observed to a large extent.

-Controls of the vaccination or disease certificates at the entrances of the shopping centers will also remain. After all, no distinction can be made between citizens who have been vaccinated and those who have not.

-The measure of restriction for unvaccinated citizens in the indoor areas of restaurants etc is still expected to remain in force. However, the measure may not make sense around Easter due to the good weather.

-Finally one of the measures that is expected to remain but to a limited extent is teleworking. Although according to sources of, the experts are soon expected to suggest the reduction of the obligatory percentage of teleworking, however, the specific restriction is not expected to be lifted completely.


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  1. You expected some else from these blithering fools? We are supposedly in deep red for months with these asinine restrictions but yet with all these “restrictions” we are still in deep red. And The ppl are paying the salaries of these so called experts.

    • Totally agree, The jabs don’t work, lockdowns DON’T work and masks are proven not to work.
      Funny thing is, that when the jabs started rolling out… Cases and deaths rocketed.
      These jabs have done more harm than good..
      The sanctions by the Greek “governmental advisors” is killing the tourism industry

      • The vaccine works like a hard hat on a building site – it will not stop a brick from falling on your head but if it does you are protected – there is absolute and overwhelming evidence that the jabs prevent death in 90% of those infected. Lockdowns did work. Masks do work. Unless you are a qualified doctor, scientist, virologist, epidemiologist or epidemiologists – and I am fairly sure you are not – they you are talking utter shit.

  2. > some measures and especially for the unvaccinated citizens will continue to exist

    Please stop using this sort of language. Many “unvaccinated” are actually vaccinated, but government decided not to recognize perfectly valid vaccine certified by EU. Getting new “super uber booster” shot (Jansen) every three months is not real options for many people!

    Please use term such as “people without vaccination certificate recognized by Greek government”.

  3. I think the experts are diminished by saying things that are at best highly questionable. Here the expert is quoted as saying the virus is spreading amongst the unvaccinated. It is. Equally though it is spreading to the boosted (Prince Charles for example) and we normal people can see that as plain as day. It’s the same thing with the claim that Omicron is not having a serious health impact because of the vaccines, which completely ignores the evidence from South Africa. Please can they present a balanced picture and treat us like grown ups.

  4. trouble is not all supermarkets,check people if they have vaccination certificate, or other shops.

  5. “The virus will find the unvaccinated and infect them” 😱 and it’s not finding the vaccinated….pull the other one.
    Just accept it, it’s OVER.