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COVID-MAP: The whole of Greece is in “deep red”, say health experts

The overwhelming majority of Greece’s regional units remain in “deep red”, the highest level of infections on the COVID-MAP that was updated on February 10, 2022. The weekly updated map is more or less the same like a week earlier.

According to Greek health experts, “the pandemic wave of the Omicron variant remains steadily high, the course of the pandemic is stabilized and “the whole of Greece is in deep red,” as they said at the weekly briefing on Thursday.

Infection increases have been recorded in areas where the Omicron arrived belated, like in some islands, Thesprotia and Ioannina, the experts stressed.

Interactive COVID-MAP in English here.

The large spread of the coronavirus in combination with the pressure on the national health care system and the big number of active cases do not allow relaxation of the restrictions, professor Vana Papaevangelou noted.

She stressed that there has been in increase of infections in the age group of people over 55, adding the the median age is 34 years old, while 1/3 of infected are children.

  • One in two of those hospitalized with Covid-19 is over 75 tears old.
Papaevangelou said also that there is a gradual decrease of intubated patients and estimated that their number will drop down to 450 – from 516 today – in the next 15 days. She saw also a decrease in recorded deaths, although numbers in the last 10 days spoke of the opposite.

According to the health expert, the rate of test positivity across the country is 2.4%, while approximately 1.5% of the population is sick with Covid-19 today.

Nevertheless, everybody is expecting for lifting of Covid-restrictions as of March, since the Tourism Minister said that the first tourist are due on March 1.

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  1. Don’t panic anyone!!
    Tourism minister says tourists will be coming to Greece as from 1st March (a mere 18 days away)
    So all the deep red will soon turn to a nice shade of Green.

  2. So very sorry for all

  3. Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias: “There will be no border closures and entry restrictions”

    Jan 22, 2022

    Miraculously everything will change as of March 2022. Greece will turn Green ….. We have nothing to worry about.