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Parents on Rhodes sentenced and fined for not sending child to school

A 35-year-old man and a 33-year-old woman were handed a suspended 14-month prison term and fined 3,000 euros each by a court in Rhodes for not sending their 8-year-old child to primary school due to the pandemic. The parents were convicted of violating the law on compulsory attendance at kindergarten, primary school and high school.

They testified that due the mandatory use of a mask, rapid tests and the vaccine against Covid-19, they did not send the child to school. The couple has also a second child, aged 5, which also does not attend classes.

After their arrest, they promised to allow both children to return to class and stated they have already made the necessary arrangements with the school.

The couple was arrested on February 11.

One more parent, a father, was reportedly arrested on Rhodes on Monday, for not sending his child to school due to the pandemic. He is to be tried on upcoming Thursday.

Last week, a mother on the island of Crete was sentenced to 6 months suspending prison term for not having sent her child to school since September 2020.

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