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Mother in Crete sentenced to 6 months for not sending child to school

Α Single-Member Misdemeanor Court of Heraklio, Crete sentenced a mother who did not send her child to school to six months n prison with a three-year suspension. The 9-year-old child did not attended school since September 2020.

To her defense the 39-year-old mother said that she did not send her child to school because she was afraid as she heard of “many coronvirus cases.”

The court recognized the mitigation of the previous legal life.

It is noted that the court “adopted” the proposal of the prosecutor who had earlier proposed that the 40-year-old mother of two be sentenced to six months in prison.

It is worth emphasizing that the woman was not fined, however, according to the local website, she is now obliged to “send” her child back to school.

The trial of the case was emotionally charged, as the woman said with tears in her eyes that she raises alone both her 9-year-old son and her eldest child.

Among others, she women told the court that she paid private lessons at home so that the child keeps up pace with the lessons in the class.

The mother was arrested last Monday.

In a parallel development, authorities also in Heraklio arrested another parent who was keeping his child away from school.

The 47-year-old officer of the Coast Guard had not sent his child to school since March 2020.

By order of the military prosecutor, the man was released and trial is to set for a later date.

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  1. If she had paid for private education where’s the problem ? This is disgusting!

  2. I find this so hypocritical, my daughter has just completed her first full week at school since the new year due to the school being closed down by other school children doing Katalipsi,padlocking the school and not allowing kids or teachers on the premises!!!!! Where is her right to an education!!!!!

  3. How is mamma in prison going to help the child’s school attendance? It will most likely cause children to hate the state and police who arrested her. No good wil come of this gross injustice to a mother and her children.