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Village priest urges dog owners to poison the animals or never return to church

In an unprecedentedly shameful sermon, a priest in a village of Pieria, central Macedonia, urged the faithful who keep dogs as guardians to poison them. Furthermore, he told the shocked congregation that dog owners should not go to church or received the blessed bread which is distributed after the Divide Liturgy.

“Only God can protect you, not the dogs,” the man of the “church” said in the sermon that was similar to a delirium.

According to local media, several members of the Parish denounced the unbelievable sermon to the website and also informed the Bishop of the area.

The priest was performing the Liturgy last Sunday and he was assigned to the village from another Parish.

Niether the name of the priest nor of the village were disclosed.

It was the second time, the priest made such statements, the faithful reported.

The Bishop of Kitros has been informed about what the priest “predicts”, the website noted.

It is unclear if any discipline measures against the clergyman who spews hate against God’s creatures and instigates animal abuse will be taken.

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  1. I hope the Bishop of Kitros and the Holy Synod sends him to Athos! Religious madness! He should not be allowed to be in the common society and, definitely not, be allowed to preach in any congregation.

    • Once again the antidiluvian attitudes in Greece towards animals….when will people move to enlightemned times. And realise we are not the haighty overlords of the natural world – we are it’s caretakers,
      protectors, and in caring for all creature lies our salvation. Nothing less.

  2. The man is mad and should not be allowed to “preach” his vile comments. I hope his superiors do something with him (the same that he advises for the dogs would be fine) and also that the congregation have the sense not to take any notice of him. God would be ashamed of him.