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Greece’s health experts recommend no lifting of further Covid-measures for now

With the daily coronavirus infections again on the rise, the Epidemiologists’ Committee recommended at their meeting on Wednesday that no further measures will be lifted until Easter, April 24, 2022 This means that both the Covid-Pass and the mandatory use of masks indoors will remain in force until at least the beginning of May.

According to media, the health experts decided that the epidemiological picture of the country seems to be prohibitive to the lifting of measures before the May 1.

It is noted that the health experts were examining the roadmap proposed by the government for further relaxing of coronavirus measures with the plan be either on Monday, April 18 or Monday, May 2, that is a week after Easter.

Regarding the abolition of masks indoors, it has been proposed that they remain in force in hospitals and health facilities, in supermarkets and in public transport.

Alternate Health Minister Mina Gaga confirmed to state broadcaster ERT FM that there is no decision to abolish the vaccination and recovery certificate for the time being.

“The abolition of the vaccination certificate has not been decided yet,” Gaga said adding “there is a plan [roadmap], however, we are waiting first for the data. We have to look at all the suggestions and all the epidemiological data and then officially announce what will happen.”

Regarding the use of mask in the closed spaces of restaurants and entertainment, Gaga said “we eat outdoors from May on  anyway, we illness certificate or Rapid test and we do not need to have a vaccination certificate.”

“From May onward, even the evening entertainment is outdoors most of the time. So we will go to a relaxation just because of the weather. It makes sense that people need to have milestones and they will have them soon,” Gaga said.

No that currently unvaccinated citizens are not allowed indoors in restaurants and other venues, but can sit outside with Rapid test. Vaccinated or recovered citizens only need to show the relevant certificates for both indoors and outdoors.

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  1. The most confusing article ever.

    So what’s going on now?

  2. just cancelled my easter trip to greece, rapid test before restaurant outdoors? insane…
    congratulations to your “experts” – they seem to be kind of negative election!

  3. We have been waiting for Greece finally to scrap the Covid measures.
    It’s too late. We can’t wait any more.
    We just cancelled our Easter holiday in Greece.
    Better to go to Spain or Croatia.

  4. Nation of sheep,
    Ruled by wolves,
    Owned by pigs.

  5. About as clear as mud.

    Looks like it wont be Greece for our Easter holiday this year.