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Dutch experts on Thessaly floods: “Forget the big dams! Give room to the rivers”

Dutch experts shed light on the causes of the floods disaster in Thessaly plain that destroyed agricultural land, farming animals, homes and businesses in September 2023. The experts hired to evaluate the causes of the floods have reportedly proposed a new water management model. Among their preliminary findings included in …

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Experts to announce this week decisions on travel during Easter holidays

Greece’s health experts will announce this week the measures over the Easter holidays and during church services, government spokesperson Aristotelia Peloni said on Monday. She stressed the the Epidemiologists’ Committee evaluates all the data, including the latest ones, and advises the government accordingly. “We are in a very fragile balance …

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Health experts warn: 9 people at holiday table can be a super-spread event

Health experts in Greece warn that family gatherings up to nine people on Christmas and New Year will most likely turn into a superspread coronavirus event. They call on people to either remain within the family or wear masks. At the same time they call on the government to review …

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UPD Greek engineers warn: “Acropolis is crumbling!”

As if taxes wouldn’t cause enough crumbling in our pockets now a new disaster emerges on the horizon of the crisis-ridden country. Our beloved Acropolis, the Monument of Monuments, is crumbling! Engineers investigating the rockfall of last January found out that  part of the huge rock on which the Parthenon …

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RT report: “Debt Drama: Was whole Greek bailout deal a failure?” (video)

Stuck in recession, plagued by soaring unemployment and suicides – the Greek plight is dragging on, sending shivers across the EU. Greece is struggling to meet the conditions of its international lenders, who are pouring billions into the ailing economy. But when will the rescue package actually work? Or has …

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Santorini Volcano Magma is Swelling

 Our magma is swelling, our income is shrinking. These are Greek realities on Monday, September 10th 2012. Why our income is shrinking is very obvious and does not need surveys or experts to tells us why. But that the magma (the chamber of  liquid rock) under the Santorini volcano is swelling is …

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