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UPD Greek engineers warn: “Acropolis is crumbling!”

As if taxes wouldn’t cause enough crumbling in our pockets now a new disaster emerges on the horizon of the crisis-ridden country. Our beloved Acropolis, the Monument of Monuments, is crumbling! Engineers investigating the rockfall of last January found out that  part of the huge rock on which the Parthenon temple stands has began to erode. The experts have also noticed “instability in a fairly wide area.”

The engineers’ findings have been incorporated in a report issued by the Central Archeological Council.

According to Greek media reports, the instability has been recorded in the west side of the south part of the holy rock.

Experts blame the rain water and sewage pipes of the old Acropolis Museum that used to stand on the Acropolis rock.

“Works to solve the problem are imminent,” the experts urge the Ministry of Culture.

Many Greeks would really stun, if the Culture Ministry approves an extra budget to save the 2,500-year-old ancient rock and monument.

For the last four years, Greece has been under close Troika-siege and every penny has to be turned twice.

UPDATE: Apparently the news “Acropolis is crumbing” was originally published by the TIME magazine, citing a news item from Athens News Agency. The Agency wrote to TIME saying it never said that the monument was ‘crumbling’.  But on October 6/2014 German newspapers picked up the issue with the title “Acropolis adieu”.

PS No worries, folks, after all we have Amphipolis 🙂



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