Thursday , May 23 2019
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Tourists narrowly escape death as cliff collapses at Zakynthos shipwreck (videos)

People narrowly escapes death when the cliff collapses at the beach of Zakynthos shipwreck on Thursday morning. Three people sitting on a boat seem to escape the rock slide in the last moment. A woman tries to hold on an overturned boat. A man tries to reach her but nature …

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Zakynthos shipwreck: Landslide overturns boats, injures tourists

A landslide in the area of the famous  Zakynthos shipwreck has overturned boats and injured tourists who were visiting the iconic site. So far, reports about injuries and possible missing tourists are conflicting with media to speak of one to three injured tourists. +++According to latest information (01:30 pm): A …

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UPD Greek engineers warn: “Acropolis is crumbling!”

As if taxes wouldn’t cause enough crumbling in our pockets now a new disaster emerges on the horizon of the crisis-ridden country. Our beloved Acropolis, the Monument of Monuments, is crumbling! Engineers investigating the rockfall of last January found out that  part of the huge rock on which the Parthenon …

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