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Earthquakes in Peloponnese bring rock into granny’s home yard

Granny Aggeliki Georgatou was already scared due to the several earthquakes that occurred in South-West Peloponnese on Monday. She was watching television, when she heard a tremble and heard a loud noise.

It wasn’t an earthquake, though. It was a rock that detached from the mountain fell in the yard of Ageeliki’s house. the granny was lucky as the rock had almost fell into the roof of her home.

Authorities “should put a fence” on the mountain,” the elderly woman told local media ilialive.

Granny Aggeliki was not the only resident of Katakolo to be scared of and concerned about the earthquakes that keep rattling the area.

Others saw cracks on their houses, while traders saw their goods on the floor of their stores.

Three earthquakes with magnitude 4.5R, 4.8R and 4.3R occurred in the area of West Peloponnese and in the sea area of Zakynthos on Monday. Dozens of aftershocks followed.

A tremor with 4.1R rattled the area of Andravida, a little more in the North, short before 2 o’ clock Wednesday noon.

Locals are concerned but seismologists are reassuring saying that they closely monitor the phenomenon, while the Civil Protection mechanism and the local authorities are prepared for any possible case.

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