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Russian embassy warns of “consequences” after Greece expels 12 diplomats

The Russia embassy in Athens on Wednesday warned of “consequences” after Greece declared 12 Russian diplomats personae non gratae and asked them to leave country.

“We have strongly protested against this unjustified and confrontational step which aims to further destroy our bilateral relations,” the Russian embassy said in a statement.

“We made clear that this action will not remain without consequences,” it added.

Earlier on Wednesday, Greece declared 12 Russian officials personae non gratae, joining other European states that have taken similar steps in recent days as accusations of atrocities committed by Russian forces against civilians in Ukraine pushed diplomacy to its limits.

The Foreign Ministry said the decision was made in line with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 and the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations of 1963.

Ambassador Andrei Maslov (on thumbnail picture) was summoned to the Foreign Ministry.

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  1. An Orthodox Russia sells arms to Muslim Turkey, Greece’s very adversary.

    Greece depends on America to further enhance its security.

    It is with deep regret that Russia take offense to interests that are paramount to Greece, like its very sovereignty and survival post brutal bailout. Even though Greece has always voiced its open concern without fear, whether swimming against the tide, or powerful players when defending Palestinians, or holding referendums much to its peril with stiffer terms and closed banks.

    As much as Greece is friends, and want to be friends, with everyone -surely one can respect its undying respect for human value and profound aversion to the loss of human life in Ukraine. Only a mad man would neglect such a barbarian invasion against civilians. Of course Greece would be outraged as much as anyone dared do this to Russia too.

    It is not fair that Russia take offense let alone threaten as Turkish warplanes disrupt NATO exercises for the second time over the last week or two. Instead, it is Greece who has by far greater reason to be disappointed.

  2. Konstantin Gregovic

    April 7, 2022 at 12:51 am

    An Orthodox Russia sells arms to Muslim Turkey, Greece’s very adversary.

    Really, did you forget what happened to Cyprus in 1973? The USA was non existent. Did you also forget that Turkey is also armed by the US as well as Greece? The S-400 system sold to Turkey was the only variant in very close US-Turkish arms trade along with NATO bases in both Greece and Turkey. So why you bring into the argument so called Russian arming of Turkey is absurd to say the least.

    The fact of the matter is that Greece is dependant on EU and US support as it continues to carry a large debt and is far from being “bailed out” . Russia is the complete opposite with no debt and totally free and sovereign country.

    Today an “Orthodox” Greece allowed a Nazi Azov battalion member to speak to the Greek parliament. That should ring alarm bells across Greece. Greece was trampled by the Nazi’s in 1941 , in 2022 it appears that Greece is now allied to those same Nazi’s.