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Greece finally proceeds with equines registry. But…

Greece’s Rural Development Ministry has finally decided to set up a registry for horses, donkeys and other equines in the country. The decision follows immense and pressure by equines welfare societies that have been demanding the registry for years.

The registry will facilitate the tracing of horses and the supervision of their care.

Veterinary services will be responsible for entering information into a database on the identity of equines, the facilities they are kept in, and the identity of those responsible for the facilities.

Each animal’s data will include its origin and date of birth. The database will also be used to record the death or theft of animals.

Equines born in Greece will have a unique code number, a single identification document and be fitted with a chip.

Unsupervised equines will be the responsibility of regional authorities with the assistance of municipalities, who will be responsible for their collection, transport, safeguarding, feeding, and housing whenever necessary.

does the new registry covers all aspects?

The Panhellenic Equine Welfare Society, Ippothesis, has objections as it criticizes that the legislation lacks provision for the issuing of equines passports.


Ippothesis launched a petition [Text in English here] last month demanding the obvious: the registration of equines which is “mandatory in the European Union since 2008”!

To support Ippothesis click here.

PS As we are in Greece where “structure” and “system” remain unknown words, bills and legislation always miss at least one point or two, at least.

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  1. oh brilliant. what this really means is one more restriction on people trying to survive living from the land. IT will be , as usual, a short step from ‘registry’ to a neverending pile of rules to comply with or else face fines etc, the result will be, people who already cannot afford to use machinery for farming or transport, now cant even use an animal. So we will revert entirely to the stone age next, only hauling things on our own backs now? of course the ‘animal friends’ have no idea of any of this as they tend to be economically comfortable urbanites with no understanding of actually living on the land. their urban existence is the most environmentally destruictive thing in existence but they never stop lecturing us country people about how much more they need to control us to ‘save’ the world. enough already!

    • keeptalkinggreece

      you have 150% no idea what you’re talking about.

      • i suppose not.. i am one of those village people of course, too much dirt under my fingernails and too many callousses on my hands, where have i been all day (and yesterday, and the weeks preceeding)? out in the fields digging or plowing or planting.. like the majority of non-tourist greece, there are no roads going to most of our fields , and that goes for almost everyone around here. even if you could cut a road onto some of these slopes that would of course also be forbidden and no i dont have any connections with a boyleyth or a minister to get magic approval for such a thing.. so how does one haul the olives or the grapes or the vegetables or the firewood back out to somewhere near a road, or to the house? a horse or donkey is the only way, unless i carry it on my own back. So that’s going to be forbidden now too?
        when the slow bureacratic gears finally turn to allow me to take my family to america (these days the process takes maybe 2 years) it will be a bitter parting knowing my kids will most likely not have the same love of country to bother keeping up our ancestral home once we’re gone. should i stay and keep trying to survive under ever more insane restrictions (and until savings runs down to zero?)? ive given a lot to this country and taken absolutely nothing. i just want to be left alone to make a living and raise a family. decades of work abroad i thought i could finally come back home and do that. i guess these monsters are never really satisfied with enough control.
        but i have no idea what i’m talking about.

  2. We should also setup registry for cats and dogs. Many people keep their pets on streets, without proving any care but food and water!

  3. I welcome any legislation that makes pet owners responsible for their actions, and the actions of the animals in their registered charge.
    “Many more cats roam the United States, and their aggregate predation tally runs into the billions, with an estimated 1.3–4.0 billion birds, 6.3–22.3 billion mammals, 258–822 million reptiles and 95–299 million amphibians killed by free-ranging domestic cats each year”
    The above is a statement of fact and one which is conveniently ignored by many animal lovers who live within thier selfish narratives.