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Plan for the renovation of Ermou Street in Athens historical center (video)

The Central Council of Architecture (KESA) has approved a plan submitted by the Athens Municipality for the renovation of the lower part of Ermou Street in the historical center of the Greek capital that stretches from Kapnikarea Church to Thiseio train station .

The plan reportedly includes the widening of sidewalks, the removal of temporary parking slots as well as a tree line next to the sidewalk.

In addition, five metal perforated pergolas will be placed along the street, in the section from Athinas Street to Asomaton Square on the south side of Ermou. Goal is that the pergolas act as awnings during the summer months, offering protection from the sun to pedestrians. Moreover, the pergolas are expected to contribute to the exhibition of the goods of shops selling and repairing furniture, which are in large numbers in the area.

The plan must be approved by the competent councils of the Culture Ministry.

The project, budgeted at 4.2 million euros, will then be submitted for approval to the Council of Modern Monuments (KSNM) and the Central Archaeological Council (KAS).

The goal of the Municipality of Athens is for the licensing process to be completed this year so the project can tendered at the beginning of 2023.

Its estimated construction time is about 18 months and its completion should not be expected before 2025.

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One comment

  1. completion 2025 + 3-5 years for contingency.

    Shame they couldn’t imagine it completely pedestrianized though, but looks nice compared to now.