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Mid-season sales to begin on May 3; Sunday opening on May 8

The mid-season sales for retail shops will begin on Tuesday, May 3, and shops will have the option to open the following Sunday, on May 8.

In a statement,, the president of the Athens Traders’ Association Stavros Kafounis expressed his members’ objections to the institution of mid-season sales:

“Expressing the demand of all entrepreneurs and bodies representing consumers, I hope this is the last time we observe this outdated institution of the mid-season sales, which creates distortions in the market and does not allow lower initial prices to be set for all goods from the start of the season.”

The mid-season sales last 15 calender days, on May 1-15.

Shops will have the option to stay open on Sunday, May 8 between 11:00 and 18:00.

Due to the Labour Day holiday, which this year will be transferred to Monday, May 2, they will actually begin on May 3.

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