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Online platform for fuel subsidy opens on Apr 26; all the steps

The online platform where people can apply to receive the subsidy for fuel, which will range between 40-55 euros, is to open on the Tuesday after Easter, on April 26.

Applications will initially be staggered based on the tax identification number (AFM), opening on April 26 for tax IDs ending in the digits 0 or 1, April 27 for those ending in 2 or 3, April 28 for 4 and 5, April 29 for 6 and 7 and April 30 for 8 and 9.

From May 1, they will be open to all.

Applicants will need their TaxisNet user name and password, while they must update their contact details, especially their e-mail and mobile phone number, as well as giving their bank account number.

The system will then automatically access the relevant data concerning the vehicle and driver (income, etc) to determine eligibility.

Applicants can ask for a digital debit card that will be credited with the subsidy, which they will then only be able to use to purchase fuel for their car and which is not transferable or convertible into cash.

The banks that issue the cards will contact beneficiaries to explain how the card can be activated and used.

The card will remain activated until July 31, 2022.

For beneficiaries that choose the e-card option, the amount of the subsidy will be increased by five euros.

The amount of the subsidy is 50 euros for car owners and 35 euros for motorbike owners living in island areas and Attica and 40 euros for car owners and 30 euros for motorbike owners resident in other parts of Greece. [more details in Greek here].

To qualify, applicants must have a family income of up to 30,000 euros and must own the vehicles involved, which must be fully insured, in circulation and not owe any road tax.

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  1. oh bloodyhell, yet another ‘online platform’ which is the only thing these people seem to be able to do anymore (and even then they make a total hash of it!)
    and of course more subsidies, which go directly from the public , through taxes, passing through the hands of those who supposedly got ‘subsidised’, and then into the hands of those very same corporations and bankers who the same state gave monopoly power to suck peoples’ blood dry in the first place!
    instead of more of the same problem to ‘fix’ the problem, we need to shut down _all_ the subsidies, but also _all_ the monopolies and cartels! Since the same state gives life to both of those things it could as well stop interfering and let things reach their own level.. but as it is this is robbing 100 bucks out of one hand, pocketing half, and then grandiloquently handing back the other 50 telling us what a big favor they’re doing for us, when that 50 is already directed to fly right out of our hands.
    and of course we need an ‘online platform’ to do this as well because nothing anymore is possible without one…

  2. Give 50 euros to the most vulnerable people for more expensive fuel – Check

    Go to Brussels and impose more sanctions on Russian Oil that will likely spike prices by 30% – Check

    Tell everyone we are all in this together – Check

    Get driven home in the free provided govt. car – Check

  3. The dates according to the AFM are wrong, one day later each one.