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Car driver in frenzy hits two elderly, returns to hit victim laying on the ground

With very high speed a car driver in frenzy hit a motorcycle with two elderly passengers on it, dragging one of them 300 meters, leaving the other one on laying injured on the ground. After a while he returned and drove over the second man on the ground, dragged him some 200 meters and killed him, despite the fact that a few policemen had arrived at the scene.
The driver continued driving in amok and he was only stopped when a police car intercepted him and another driver blocked the road with his car, local media spartanews reported.
Σκηνές από αστυνομικό θρίλερ στη Μονεμβάσια - Ένας νεκρός, ένας τραυματίας
While this unprecedented tragedy was taking place in the center of Movemvasia, a town  off Laconia, south Peloponnese, around 10 o’ clock on Saturday night, passersby in the area ran to seek refuge as they feared for their lives.
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When police caught the driver who spread death and terror, he told the officers “I think I live in a dream, take me home.”
Of course, they took the 52-year-old man to the police station instead to manifest first of all if he was drunk and locked him up for deliberately causing the death of two people.
The bodies of the two victims, two men both 77 years old, were transferred to the morgue for autopsy.
Eyewitness said that there was no dispute between the car driver and the victims prior to the assault. Relatives told media that they did not even know each other.
However, prior to the frenetic driving, the car driver had a dispute with a another man while he was having dinner with his family at a restaurant in the area.
The brother of one of the victims, who was a well-known local singer, blamed the police for the death of his brother.  Speaking to ANT1 TV, the man said that police did not cordoned or blocked the road to protect his injured brother who was laying on the ground.
“They had just put a chair close by, any car could drive by and injure hims again.”
The man who lives close to the scene said he rushed there and saw his brother was laying injured on the ground. The victim asked for a pillow and a blanket while waiting for the ambulance and then the car that first hit them made a turn over, came in high speed and dragged the injured man who ultimately succumbed to his meanwhile heavy injuries on the spot.
The victim’s brother also blamed the lack of ambulance in the area of Molai, as his injured brother had to wait on the asphalt for an ambulance to come after one hour from far away Gytheio, “before he was again dragged by the car driver who had returned in the area.”
According to media, after the first assault, the car driver tried to hide and drove to a nearby restaurant where he parked the car.
There are reportedly eyewitnesses, among them some French tourists, who testified to police that a second passenger was in the killer’s car.
Police continues investigation on the incident as the local society is in shock.

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