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Greek State sues Novartis, claiming compensation for illegal practices

The Greek State will sue big pharmaceutical corporation Novartis, claiming compensation for illegal practices, Health Minister Thanos Plevris announced on Friday.

In a statement Minister Plevris said: “Implementing our government commitment to claim compensation from the company Novartis for all illegal practices and according to the minutes of the NSC, we also take the following actions:

a) mandate to set up a trading committee

b) order to appoint a law firm in the USA to defend the rights of the Greek State

c) an order for bringing an action before the Greek Justice for claiming the compensation for the insult of the Greek state with a reservation for any additional damage that will be determined and which has already been prepared “.

The minister did not avoid the temptation to attack main opposition SYRIZA that brought the Novartis scandal into light while it was in power (2015-2019) claiming government officials were involved in the case. Plevris’ statement concluded:

“Unlike the SYRIZA government, which invested in the conspiracy and did not claim anything from the company, the New Democracy government is taking all measures to hold Novartis accountable and compensate the Greek state for its illegal practices.”

SYRIZA allegations stirred the political landscape in the country, special committees assigned with investigation of the case cleared all ten politicians.

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