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Speed train ICE Athens-Thessaloniki services: Prices, schedules

The “White Arrow” Intercity Express, the fastest train in Greece, completed its very first trip on Sunday, May 15, 2022. With a capacity at 60% the first ICE left Athens for Thessaloniki at 7:22 a.m. and reached the port city in northern Greece in 3 hours and 55 minutes. There is only one intermediate stop in central Greece.

Video: ICE White Arrow arriving in Larissa, central Greece

The prices for the route range from 55 to 65 euros. (see below)

After completing a series of projects on the rails, which are scheduled in the coming months, travel time is expected to further reduced to 3 hours and 25 minutes.

The ETR470 trains have nine carriages, one of which is a restaurant and bar, three first class carriages and five economy class wagons. Each train can carry up to 475 passengers and includes all the amenities, “for a relaxing and fast trip, improving the travel experience,” according to TrainOSE statement..

It is possible to transport small animals in a cage with maximum dimensions 50x40x70. the transport is free of charge. Large dogs cannot be transported. Guide dogs are excluded.

Ticket prices and itineraries

A. Class: € 65 Athens-Thessaloniki / € 48.6 Athens-Larissa / € 25.4 Thessaloniki-Larissa
B. Class: € 55 Athens-Thessaloniki / € 41.5 Athens-Larissa / € 22.1 Thessaloniki-Larissa

For 20 days, ie for trips that will take place until 03. June 2022, a 20% discount applies to the final ticket prices.

The ETR trains have departure and arrival stations at Athens and Thessaloniki, with an intermediate stop at Larissa.


ATHENS – Departure: 07:22 and 17:22

LARISSA – Arrival: 09:58 and 20:00 (Departure from Larissa 10:00 and 20:02)
THESSALONIKI – Arrival: 11:20 and 21:21

THESSALONIKI – Departure: 07:08 and 17:08

LARISSA – Arrival: 08:25 and 18:26 (Departure from Larissa: 08:27 and 18:28)
ATHENS – Arrival: 11:03 and 21:04

Citing passengers on the first trip of the ICE, media write that the ICE prices are for sure competitive compared the the airplane tickets.

Schedules and ticket prices on TrainOse website here.

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