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Hiker missing on Evia during rainstorm has been found

A hiker who went missing on Mount Dirfi during the rain- and thunderstorm that swept across Greece has been found. The 36-year-old man called the emergency service of the Fire Service on Wednesday night to say he had lost his way in the storm and was trying to make his way to the Dirfi refuge on the island of Evia.

Short after, his mobile was shut down. A Search and Rescue operation was launched.

Around 11 o’ clock at night, his car was located near the refuge.

The SAR was resumed with the assistance of a Super Puma helicopter and drones on Thursday morning

Around 12 o’ clock Thursday noon, the missing hiker contacted authorities again saying that he spent the night in a village, where the locals offered him shelter.
As the news about the missing hiker was all over the media including TV channels, it was reportedly the villagers who woke up the man in the morning telling him that he has been missing and a search operation was underway.
Evia early Thursday morning – via
During the night, winds were blowing with intensity of 11 Beaufort, heavy rainfall and lightning were putting all those involved in the SAR at risk, reports local media evianews.

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