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PM to underpaid Greeks: Get a holistic approach to life, don’t seek money only

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis philosophized in front of the camera on a warm Monday morning in May 2022. He explained to young, underpaid Greeks how unimportant it is to “earn more money” when you have a “support mechanism by family and friends” for which our beautiful country, Greece, is famous. A “holistic” approach to life is that Greeks need, said the Prime Minister

Addressing a group of students and young employees of tech companies who expressed their concerns and worries  about the presence and the future, PM Mitsotakis in the friendly intention of a paternal and caring figure of a man in his early 50’s who has found the meaning of life, advised urged the young Greeks not to seek earning more money but to acquaint a holistic approach towards life.

“Greece is changing for the better. “There is again an air of optimism and confidence that blows in our country and the first to have to ride this wave are you, your generation,” the Prime Minister said.

“The fact that in Greece we have inflation, there is no doubt about it, but it is a global phenomenon. The cost of living remains lower than in many other European cities and so is the United States. And there is always in Greece a support mechanism, family, friends, that make our life here easier and more enjoyable,” he added.

“Greece […] can offer an excellent quality of life in a world where these issues are becoming more and more important. Where the goal is no longer just how much money I will make, this is very important, but it is not the only motivation, to make more and more money, but to see our lives a little more spherical, a little more holistic,” PM Mitsotakis stressed.

Now half Greeks are googling the term “holistic” and the other half are swearing at him …holistically on social media.

Some especially mean recall the PM’s origin from a powerful political family, the 38 pieces of real estate he owns (public tax declaration) and the fat pay check at the end of the month for his job as Prime Minister.

Nut these critics are the usual and mean Greeks who don’t look on the bright side of life…

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  1. I take it that the electric companies are willing to take holistic bill payments from me now……….,good to know

  2. Well I’m not a Greek and I’m certainly not young, but what a ridiculous thing to say to the electorate, obviously not looking for another term of office

  3. It’s very easy to tell people not to worry about money when you have shed loads, especially when a lot of it was pillaged from the Greek people by your corrupt ancestors.

  4. What a pillock!! I bet his children, won’t suffer from low income.🙄