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Defense Ministry sources warn of “hybrid-type threats” this summer

Greece may face “hybrid-type threats” this summer aiming to destabilize the country internally, Defense Ministry sources told reporters in Parliament on Monday afternoon.

The threats would possibly be played out on the islands and on the country’s northeastern border with Turkey along the r Evros river, the sources said, kathimerini, efimerida twn syntaktkvn,parapolitika and other Greek media reported.

“This summer we may have hybrid-type threats on the islands and at the border in Evros, aiming at internal destabilization,” the unnamed sources stated.

With “hybrid-type threats“, Greeks mean similar incidents like in March 2020, when Turkey instrumentalized thousands of migrants sending them to the borders with Greece. In recent days there has been increased attempts of several boats carrying migrants to want to cross into Greek territorial waters at the same time.

The same sources added that the threats may not come exclusively from the east, however, they did not elaborate.

The sources pointed out that the Ministry of National Defense is preparing for any type of threat, wherever it comes from.

Hardly was the news on all media websites, and other sources, this time from the Greek Pentagon‘s political leadership, were quick to point out, however, that “the Armed Forces are constantly on the lookout for any challenge or security threat, as they have always been and will always be. The rest are scenarios that do not correspond to reality.”

The military leadership is considering many possibilities and includes a wide range of challenges, both on the land border in Evros and in the eastern Aegean.

The Armed Forces are taking methodical, decisive action and, having full confidence in their capabilities, have been placed on a state of increased vigilance on land, air and sea, with the military leadership gradually raising the bar of readiness, cnngreece reported a bit later.

End of last week, the Armed Forces were placed on high alert, media reported.

With Turkey to keep escalating its rhetoric against Greece and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan literally out of control, no wonder that country is on high alert.

Earlier on Monday and while entering the extraordinary EU Summit in Brussels, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said he would raise the issue of the escalating Turkish provocations against Greece “as a factor of destabilization in the eastern Mediterranean region,” as he arrived at an EU summit in Brussels on Monday.

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