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Inseparable friends: Lamb Elpida and human Giorgos on Milos (video)

Very morning when Giorgos Kourelis leaves his home for his daily walk and errands, young lamb Elpida is ready to go with him. Giorgos and Elpida stroll through the narrow streets of Adamantas on the island of Milos for the joy of locals and visitors.

Before they leave home, lamb Elpida gets a shot from her daily bottle.

Human and animal are inseparable: they walk together through the picturesque streets to the port, to cafes and even to the supermarket.

Tourists who see the lamb are thrilled with how friendly Elpida is and rush to take a souvenir photo.


Elpida – Hope – was one of two lambs born in a field a few month ago. When Giorgos found them, one of the newborns was already breastfeeding, but Elpida was laying down, unable to move. She was too small and weak.

“She had passed out,” Giorgos told ERT TV on Wednesday.

He described how he moved the whole family from the field to his garden and how he tried to save Elpida from certain death.

The newborn lamb was too weak to drink milk from her mom, so Giorgos took a syringe and filled it with the ewe’s      milk. He then tried to feed Elpida. It worked.

The rest is … history, the beginning of a wonderful friendship and the happy story of the eternal bond between a human and a lamb.

The story has become viral on Greek internet. No doubt.

more pictures: iefimerida

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  1. One can only hope they’ll still be friends as next easter approaches…