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US State Dept, EU Commission call on Turkey to stop airspace violations, threats against Greece

The US State Department and the European Commission expressed their support to Greece and its sovereignty on the islands of the eastern Aegean Sea and called on Turkey to stop airspace violations and overflights, threats and provocative rhetoric.

However: The State Department urged both countries to “resolve disputes diplomatically”, while the Commission advised to seek solution “on the International Court of Justice.”

US State Dept: Greek sovereignty in the Aegean islands is not questioned

Responding to a question from Hellas Journal website about the Turkish Foreign Minister’s statement that Ankara will challenge Greek sovereignty on 14 islands in the eastern Aegean Sea, a State Department spokesman clarified that Greece’s sovereignty over these islands is not in question.

He underlined that “the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries must be respected and protected. The sovereignty of Greece in these islands is not in question.”

He also reiterated the firm position of the United States, which encourages NATO allies Greece and Turkey to work together to maintain peace and security in the region and to resolve disputes diplomatically.

However, he called for the avoidance of provocative rhetoric that could escalate tensions. “Greece and Turkey are both strong partners and key allies of the USA in NATO,” he added.

European Commission: Turkish overflights are violations of international law

The Commission will continue to urge Turkey to put an end to all threats.

“The Commission is aware of the recent increase in violations of Greek airspace by Turkish fighter jets as well as by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs),” the Commission said in response to a question by New Democracy MEP Manolis Kefalogiannis about the overflights of Turkish fighter jets.

“Military aircraft flights over Greek-populated areas are a violation of international law, while Turkey must explicitly commit itself to good neighborly relations, international agreements and the peaceful settlement of disputes by appeal to the International Court of Justice if required,” the Commission added.

“The Commission will continue to urge Turkey to put an end to all threats and actions that undermine good neighborly relations and to respect the sovereignty of all EU Member States over their territorial waters and national airspace.” , the Commission reportedly concluded.

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  1. “Greece and Turkey are both strong partners and key allies of the USA in NATO”? Turkey is not a strong partner of NATO (buying S400s while refusing to sanction Russia) let alone allied with a USA that this Muslim nation’s hyper nationalistic and state controlled national media slanders. Erdogan ordered and oversaw the brutal beating of innocent protesters in America, while aligning himself with Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, cowardly hiring terrorist mercenaries to fight his proxy wars, etc… It is so endless. what “allies”?

    All that can be said is that they are “key” in that they are critically important geographically but hardly allied. Otherwise, they would be adversaries to the point of armed conflict. These cowardly thieves already try to shamelessly bully and pirate Greece against international law and one dares call them “allies”.

    Turkey is only a geostrategically critical and yet consistently defiant, who complies only when forced. What partner is this?

    Even Turkey’s opposition has recently proven they will not change when Erdogan is removed, to try and claim Greek islands, after a decade of controlled nationalistic propaganda. At least the US was quick to straighten them out about that with words, before France and Greece did with action.

    How can an embezzling autocrat seeking to violate international law ever be “allies” with the west. How can the west dare equal distance in light of these provocative violations, advocating diplomatic resolution when they escalate matters by cutting communication?

    The west needs to give its head a shake and call it out for what it is for once. Cyprus remains illegally occupied after its illegal invasion, let alone hosting still hosting 30,000 invaders who threaten more territory or demand to be recognized. America needs to give its head a shake, did they even listen to Mitsotakis, who expressed our values and principles, who received standing ovations just last week?!