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Turkey escalates aggressive rhetoric: “We will uproot” Greeks’ “hearts”

Turkey ‘s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu accused Greece of violating the demilitarized status of islands in eastern Aegean Sea and also lashed out at Greek officials visiting these islands, considering these visits as “violations.” He reiterated the same narrative of status of Aegean islands and demilitarization. At the same time, Erdogan’s political partner Devlet Bahceli of fascist (MHP) he claimed not just a few Aegean islands but the whole of the Dodecanese. He took the aggressive rhetoric of the last few weeks to another level and threatened to “uproot” Greeks’ “hearts.”

Greece’s militarization of islands in the eastern Aegean Sea is a violation of longstanding international treaties, and the continuation of this violation calls the islands’ sovereignty into question, Turkey’s top diplomat said Tuesday at a press conference in Ankara with his North Macedonia counterpart Bujar Osmani.

Greece is getting “more aggressive” because it’s not able to respond to Turkey’s position from a legal standpoint Greek criticism of Turkey could be “reflection of an inferiority complex,” Cavusoglu said in a not so diplomatic language.

“Mitsotakis and Dendias are good at whining,” Cavusoglu continued and added ” Greece is successful in justifying and whining in the most unjust issues. We call it to respond like a “man” and to the point to our letters.”

Among others he complained that “Athens is lobbying against Turkey’s efforts to get F-16 jets from the US; this move is contrary the solidarity of the NATO alliance, which both countries are members of.”

Cavusoglu’s statements on Tuesday are just one of the paralytics today.

The obviously “bloodthirsty” Erdogan’s political partner, Devlet Bahceli leader of the fascist and racist MHP party claimed “Mitsotakis seeks an armed conflict with Ankara” and threatened Greece:

“Moreover, the heart and face of the Dodecanese are facing Turkey! Whoever touches our vein, we will uproot his heart,”

He claimed further that “Mitsotakis, like his grandparents, becomes an instrument of foreign powers and with his actions and rhetoric leads the situation to overflow the glass. Visiting the islands that their sovereignty is in question, he attempts to challenge Turkey and they are in front of our noses. He is trying to make provocations to create a climate of armed conflict if necessary as he wants to make the Aegean a Greek sea.”

Bahceli was addressing his party MPs.

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