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Abbot shoots man who asked to be paid for works at monastery

A abbot shot and injured a 45-year-old man when the latter asked to be paid for works at the monastery in Oinoi, north-western Attica. The perpetrator was arrested and so was his victim as the first had filed a lawsuit against him.

The 45-year-old man had gone to the monastery to consecrate for a few days and during this time, he was helping the monks with their works.

A few days later, he decided to leave and asked to be paid for the works he had done. However, the abbot refused to pay him saying it is not customary in the monastery to pay those who help with the works.

Nevertheless the abbot offered the man to pay him 170 euros.

The man left the convent and appeared again on Monday with two other men to support him.

The three men started arguing with the abbot and caused some damage in the area.

The abbot took out a rifle and shot at the 45-year-old thus injuring him in the right arm.

The incident ended up with the abbot’s arrest who was taken to prosecutor on Wednesday.

He faces offenses of threatening and insulting illegally carrying and using a weapon and causing dangerous bodily harm.

The abbot filed a lawsuit against his victim who was reportedly arrested as well.

Both are being held in custody and they were granted time until Friday for their testimonies.

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