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“History is not rewritten because someone constructs it arbitrarily in his mind,” PM Mitsotakis tells Erdogan

“History is not rewritten because someone constructs it arbitrarily in his mind,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said sending a strong and clear message to Turkey that continues its provocation aiming to annul the Treaty of Lausanne of 1923 and draw again the borders between the two neighboring countries.

In his statements after the completion of the work of the Summit of the Process for Cooperation in Southeast Europe (SEEPC) in Thessaloniki, the Greek PM said:

“After the blatant Russian invasion of Ukraine, we must send a clear message that no one in the third decade of the 21st century can accept the despotic revision that threatens not only the international geopolitical balance, but also the acceptable borders on which the modern world. History is not rewritten because someone constructs it arbitrarily in his mind.”

Regarding the processes of the Summit, K. Mitsotakis stressed that “it turned out that there is indeed potential for cooperation of all parties in the region and at the same time this Summit drew a roadmap of common goals and principles that I believe only leads forward.”

At the same time, the Prime Minister proposed in 2033, as a time milestone, for the accession of all the Western Balkans to the EU.

“It is an ambitious goal for the Western Balkans, but I believe that it can also be realistic, if the idea returns to the core of the Union of enlargement “he underlined.

“Southeast Europe, this sensitive region of the world map from a zone of intense and complex contrasts, must evolve into a field of creative compositions and from times and times of rivalry to a new era of joint effort,” he stressed.

“Especially now, in a time of war and international unrest, it is called upon to project in its own way the path of peace and international legitimacy, of common security and prosperity. The Thessaloniki Declaration is also based on these axes, which was adopted unanimously and is a justification, I believe, for the Greek presidency “.

“The declaration adopted is also an official text of the parties’ permanent commitment to the principles of the rule of law and to the founding principles of mutual respect and solidarity,” he said.

He also pointed out that “a key priority now is the European perspective of the whole region and especially for the countries of the Western Balkans, which have come a long way to the European Union, almost 20 years since the road was opened again in Thessaloniki during of the Greek Presidency in 2003 “.

“Today I believe that the time has come to take more decisive steps in the integration of the Western Balkans into the European family, recognizing of course that they must take important steps to harmonize themselves with European standards. “Only in this way, after all, their integration will be essential,” Mitsotakis stressed.

After a crescendo of threats against Greece in the last two weeks that reached a new highlight with Erdogan tweeting in …Greek, the Turkish President apparently made a break on Friday and sent Turkish fighter jets to violate Greek airspace: 30 times.

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  1. Speaking of revisionism… A small country that was nonexistent about two decades ago is now trying to reclaim an ill empire’s territory that was destroyed and taken over in 1204 and 1453 is talking about revisionism… How and why are you taking over islands next to the Turkish mainland? You freaks even tried to occupy the Smyrna area in 1922. You guys are even daydreaming about old Constantinople. What a joke… Accusing the others of being revisionist while you are the biggest revisionist around. Thank God you are not powerful enough to carry on with your sick dreams…

    • keeptalkinggreece


    • Dear Osman I would like to remind you that we have been living on both sides of the Aegean Sea for over 5000 years while the Turkish tribes arrived from Mongolia only 800 years ago. I am sorry you see our fight for freedom and democracy from the dark ages of Ottoman rule when we were treated as slaves. I am sure our two countries can live side by side together as long as all the international treaties Turkey choses to flaunt and disobey are followed. After all look at your modern history history: you like non of your neighbour’s, you have invaded them all and conducted ethnic cleansing and mass massacres whenever you liked. Peace brother.

  2. Erdogan is just a Putin wannabe. He obviously worships Putin, hence his veto on Finland and Sweden joining NATO and the belief that he can take whatever he wants.

    Turkey should be evicted from NATO and when Putin crosses the Black Sea to reclaim imaginary Russian lands Erdogan can fix it himself

  3. Turkey was on the wrong side of history in the twentieth century and for who knows what reason seems to be trying to get attention from the world, like a child that whines and cries. Erdogan comes across as a spoiled child. What a baby. What is he so afraid of?

  4. Greece likes to play the only country that can secure EU s southeastern border thus they’ve been vetoing all Turkish attempts at developing healthy relationship with the EU. Annan Plan, EU accession, EU trade deals. Let’s see why Erdogan is pressuring on this same issue right now after 20 years of his government. He knows he has the upper hand by acknowledging the true geopolitics and the value of Turkiye. Let’s face the fact that is Turkiye is more important to the west than Greece. Both populationwise, economicwise, militarywise, geopoliticswise vice versa. He’s been saying to the west make me one of you and lets develop a healthy prosperous relationship for the last 20 years. He understands now that that will never happen unless you gave up your own regional power plays and security concerns. Examples are forming of the Kurdistan, Cedeing Kars(Ani) to Armenia and accepting the Sevilla map proposed&signed only the by EU that leaves Turkiye out of the equation in the Eastern Mediterranean. You see he has realized that even if you develop good relationships with the EU they will still continue to poke these security concerns Turkiye has and there is no way you will ever be accepted into EU because of Greece still thinking they’ve got the upper hand and acting maximalist. Diplomacy can’t solve these issues even though both sides say they promote dialogue. Because when it comes to the table Greece says there is the international Law that you haven’t agreed to it in the first place. We’re getting all the shit, you’re not. Tell me how is this promoting dialogue? Check how the Baltic countries agreed to limit their maritime waters to 3 miles in the baltic sea because they see that they shouldn’t limit the only Russian exit to the international waters. That is understanding politics, diplomacy and crisis solving. Greece has been saying they’ve been trying to keep the tension low. On the contrary all I’m seeing is with every `smile` they take from our politicians from western powers, they go ahead and provoke Turkiye more by trying to maximize their gains in the aegean and mediterranean. Erdogan understands that there is no place for Turkiye in EU thus he wants them to know, he has other choices, and he will provoke west`s spoiled child Greece more and more until they acknowledge Turkiye is the TRUE POWER OF STABILITY in the middle east and on the southeastern border of EU. Greece should act on their own, develop their own nationalistic agenda and be well with its neighbours to exploit the riches of the region together. They can’t see Turkiye as a Rival because they can’t compete with it. I need you to wake up my Greek friend. Being dependent on other countries is not called alliance. They will remove you as soon as they find another suitable `ally`. See Kurdistan here. They’ve been begging US for decades and playing their game but in the end, they will never see their nation being risen up. Because there are better options as `ally` in the region. Denying your own policy is hard I know, but only working hard can save you from being dependent on other nations. And population, and production. Turkiye does not have `ally overlords` anymore thus being militarily free. That’s all I’m saying. See the logic, or not. At least some should be true.