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Spain, France, Greece and Portugal may refuse UK tourists entry under new scheme

Tourists from the UK could be refused entry to European countries such as Spain, France, Greece and Portugal under a new waiver scheme set to launch next year.

Because of Brexit, British holidaymakers will soon have to obtain a new visa waiver to enter EU nations. A fee will have to be paid for the new electronic travel permit, which has been introduced to enhance the security and enforce the borders of the Schengen zone.British tourists planning to visit the Schengen zone – which includes most EU nations in mainland Europe – will have to pay a fee of around 7 euros before they depart, when ETIAS launches in 2023. Travellers from the UK will also need to complete an online application form to obtain their ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorisation System).

British passport holders could be turned away at borders if their ETIAS application is not approved, once the scheme is implemented. And there are a number of reasons people could see their application denied.

According to Schengen Visa Info, applications may be turned down on the following grounds:

  • The person applying has used a travel document that is reported as lost, stolen, misappropriated or invalidated in the Schengen Information System – SIS II
  • The applicant poses a security risk for the citizens and travellers of the Schengen Area
  • The applicant poses an illegal immigration risk
  • The applicant poses a high epidemic risk
  • An applicant is a person for whom there is an existing alert in SIS for the purpose of refusing entry and stay
  • The applicant fails to reply to a request for extra information or documentation within the deadline given
  • The applicant fails to attend an extra interview when required

A travel authorisation can also be rejected in cases where there are reasonable and serious doubts about the authenticity of the information given and the supporting documents submitted by the person applying.

Applicants will receive a decision within minutes, and if your ETIAS is denied the email will contain details as to why this happened.

Travellers will be able to appeal the decision if they wish.

sources:, and other UK media.

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  1. “The applicant poses an illegal immigration risk”
    so, how exactly is this being applied to the thousands and thousands of people coming over from turkey in boats?

    • One rule for them . One rule for all the rest of us.

    • If you have a criminal record, imprisonment etc and that can mean even a caution. The same criteria applies to obtain a visa waiver for the USA. Turkey has nothing to do with this, stupid, nor any illegal immigrants. We are now out of the EU and will be treated as such. Sod Stupid Brexiters. However those of us who voted to remain knew this would happen alo g with all the rest.

    • How right is that, if easily traceable British citizens are not allowed to travel to the Shenzhen area, then all the illegal immigrantsb who arrive on small boats, should surely be returned to France. Same rule for both then, but OH NO, we give them free passage and they stop US going on holiday!!!

      • Free passage? You mean a £71,000 plane ticket to Rwanda?

        Those asylum seekers think they have problems…it could be so much worse! They could be poor little Brexiters having to pay an extra €7 per head to go on holiday in the EU like the rest of the world. The injustice!!

    • They are not holiday makers are they? They are asylum seekers and will be dealt with by the asylum system.

  2. This will cost those countries plenty. We used to spend£2-3,000 on each holiday three times a year. No more.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      I hope it will be possible to fix it with bilateral agreements as they did this year.

    • Why? Just because of a €7 euro fee? Get over yourself!

    • The UK, along with Iceland, Norway, Romania, Liechtenstein & Switzerland opted out of the Schengen agreement. It was established to allow movement between European countries, not the EU and the opt out happened in 1997, way before Brexit!

      • Ireland also had a derogation from the Schengen agreement. The UK and Ireland established a common travel area in 1923. The EU recognised that if the UK opted out of Schengen but Ireland was in Schengen then that would contravene the existing agreement.

        Because the UK was outside Schengen the ETIAS requirement would have applied to UK citizens even if the UK had stayed in the EU. It should also be recognised that the €7 ETIAS fee provides a visa waiver that is valid for multiple trips and for a period of 3 years so it is hardly a major travel cost. I cannot see the exclusion reasons applying to the vast majority of UK tourists.

        According to the ETIAS FAQ page, in answer to a question about whether people with residency in an EU country will need an ETIAS visa waiver it states:

        “No, if you have a residency card or residency status in an EU country, you will not need to apply for an ETIAS but will need to travel using your proof of residency and a valid passport.

        • “Because the UK was outside Schengen the ETIAS requirement would have applied to UK citizens even if the UK had stayed in the EU.”

          This is not true and eg Irish passport holders will not be required to apply for an ETIAS as they enjoy freedom of movement in the EU.

    • Unless you have a prison sentence youll be allowed in. You’re so ignorant.

      • When the Russians invade these countries let’s just leave them to it won’t be like the 2 world wars .the British won’t die again to save these ungrateful countries sod them

  3. For all of you who voted to leave the EU, now’s the time to dwell on your action. What on Earth did you think was going to happen. You can always consider asking Boris Johnston and his partner Michael Gove to list all the benefits we’ve achieved by leaving the EU. Shouldn’t take very long to list, but l fear it’ll be a longer wait for an answer. As any UK exporter, ask any UK importer or farmer wishing to harvest seasonal crops or the hospitality industry who can’t get staff. Then of course Boris and crew will begin to drop EU laws covering human rights, employment etc that protect us all more than the UK version does. Maybe a yes Brexit voter can explain why the voted to leave the EU, as l can’t think of any benefits we’ve all gained leaving.

    • Don’t give me that tosh. People have been explaining for 7 yrs and what, you’re still ignorant? That tells me you’re not interested in hearing. Go and rehash your arguments on the chat boards from 2015.

    • We stand by our decision sir. You see it as because of Brexit we see it as because of Brussels. The pandemic highlighted how useless and inefficient the EU is. Freedom of movement postponed, imports/exports prohibited and every nation acting selfishly. All Brussels could do is bring in a QR code passport. Brits will travel the world world as we always did. Europe is a stagnant mess. We shouldn’t be in NATO or wasting money on Ukraine. Move there – save in Euros – I dare you!

    • Britain should never have joined the EU in the first place — we’ve had sweet FA out of it and the only beneficiaries have been the powers that be in Brussels.

  4. 7 euros for 3 years? What the hell is all the fuss about? How could that possibly put me off coming from Britain to holiday in beautiful Greece? Journalists really scraping the bottom of the barrel for news here.

  5. Wow talk about Nazi Europe it’s all part of the punishment program for a country who chose independence. And a new way to roll out nazi vaccination programs but I do believe it will backfire the British will just spend their millions of holiday pounds in Turkey, Egypt and other hot welcoming countries. I also believe that this is just to deter other countries leaving the courupt EU. Anyway none of it will matter the forthcoming depression and great reset when you will have no money and be happy. It’s become a very very sad world.

  6. To regress is never a way to progress. But the decision has been made. Some items cost much more as well as some holidays. Travel freedom isn’t as it was. More buroracry. Every action has a reaction. No point to cry over spilled milk now. A choice was made: not necessarily the right one. I particularly sympathise with the young generations who wany to explore and potentially live in different countries. I hope that life will be generous and kind to them. The amazonian Indians say: knowledge belongs to everyone. Let’s not close the channels of Knowledge and let’s not disseminate discontent. If there is a problem then let’s fix it. To throw guilt around is not a solution. The planet belongs to all of us

  7. These articles always say “because of Brexit”. Are you paid by the EU to write that or are your journalists all “Re-joiners”? It is because of Brussels! Brits have far more freedom to travel and we accept people from far more countries.

  8. Mr common Sense

    Simple let’s charge anyone in the eu to visit the uk . Same rules as they are imposing

  9. Brexiteers all het up and angry because they got their way. You’re no longer EU citizens. That’s what you voted for. Get over it and stop whining.

  10. So more or less exactly what you have to do to get into America and you never see anyone complaining about that. But then it’s not got the word “European” in it’s name has it?

  11. Does this apply to Brits who have permanent residence cards valid 10 years?

  12. barrack barrack

    I think countries like Cyprus which main depend on UK tourists will suffer with these new restrictions. EU is ruled by stubborn politicians who are unable to protect the interests of small European countries with low GDP ratio like Greece and Cyprus. hungry already showed it’s revolt against gas and oil sanctions against Russia. Germany and France should stop dictating other European countries to achieve their own interests.cracks in European Union will appear soon.

  13. Hahaha…
    They’ll ‘ban’ British tourists in the sense that they won’t.
    Slow news day, today?