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EU deal to relocate migrant children from Greece officially ends

A voluntary scheme by European Union member states to accept unaccompanied migrant children from Greece officially ended Tuesday, raising concern over delays still facing the bloc in hammering out a comprehensive new migration agreement. Fifteen minors from Somalia, Gambia and Pakistan boarded a plane in Athens bound for Lisbon, Portugal, …

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EU Commission approves Greece’s Primary Residence Protection for broke households

The European Commission approved on Thursday the Greek Primary Protection Scheme for households unable to repay their mortgage loans and at risk of losing their primary residence. According to a press release, the program has an annual budget of nearly 132 million euros and sets strict eligibility criteria along property …

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Greece prepares a Bad Bank for red loans worth €20billion

The Greek government is working on the creation of an Asset Protection Scheme (APS), Finance Ministry officials confirmed late on Thursday. The APS scheme, a bad bank that is, aims to help local banks to get rid of their bad loans totaling 20 billion euros. The idea was submitted by …

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Big Fail: The EU’s Relocation & Resettlement scheme

The Relocation and Resettlement scheme for asylum seekers falls short and thus far beyond EU’s expectations. Apparently, the EU member-states are happy to have gotten rid of the problem and have 54,000 refugees stuck in Greece. What if the EU calls its member states again and again to” take action …

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“Money Back” – Get Purchase Discounts with Used Public Transport Tickets

 Used public transport tickets would bring benefits to their holders. According to the “Money back” used tickets can being transformed into an “unofficial” or “alternative currency” and be redeemed with discounts from stores that participate in the innovative scheme. Greek and foreign passengers in Athens, but also airplane-, ferryboats- and train-ticket holders …

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Novelty? Rent-A-Cop. A Real Greek Cop….

Feel unsafe when you go to pick up money from your local bank? You could rent a trained guard from squads of  Greek Police EL.AS. For just 30 euro per hour. For additional 20 euro you could also be escorted by a policeman on a motorcycle or accompanied by a police dog. A …

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