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Novelty? Rent-A-Cop. A Real Greek Cop….

Feel unsafe when you go to pick up money from your local bank? You could rent a trained guard from squads of  Greek Police EL.AS. For just 30 euro per hour. For additional 20 euro you could also be escorted by a policeman on a motorcycle or accompanied by a police dog. A police helicopter is available to 1,500 euro. For regular customers, Greek Police offers price reductions.

In a bill prepared by the Ministries of Citizens’ Protection and Finance, all personnel, all vehicles, motorcycles, car and helicopters of the Greek Police EL.AS. can be rented by private companies and individuals. The full rental price list was published in the Official Gazette a couple of days ago. However the police officers will have no extra benefits for the services outside their normal duties, they will just be used as cheap labour forces specialized in security issues.

The Rent-A-Greek-Cop plan aiming to increase state revenues was revealed by Sunday edition of Proto Thema. Thus the newspaper claims that the current Minister of Citizens’ Protection Chryssochoides had no idea about the plan. The decision that was taken by his predecessor Papoutsis, deputy CP minister Othonas and Finance minister Sachinidis.

However if you think you can rent a Greek policeman to guard you while you withdraw your monthly pension from the bank, or a police dog would help you find some lost items inside your home, you are wrong.

In a statement EL.AS. explained that the rent services will be provided only to escort “the transport of  explosives and/or hazardous materials, private high-value goods, works of art and cash money, escort security services to individuals and educational services to individuals, availability of resources and facilities to film and television productions.” Stressing that such services were available free of charge for many years, Greek Police states that in many EU countries such services are offered for the same terms and conditions against payment. The revenues will land in the state budget and will be used to fund equipement upgrades.

Police personnel and equipment that will be rented out, will be removed from the police forces that normally should protect ordinary citizens in a country of an ongoing and increasing criminality.

In case you insist to withdraw money from the bank or go and pay your taxes or emergency property tax poll to Public Power Company and you are afraid to be target of thieves and robbers, you can do it like in certain districts of Athens (AgiosPanteleimonas, Kolonos). There groups of members of extreme right Chrysi Aygi” escort seniors to the bank or public services – free of charge. “Just to protect the Greek citizens who feel unprotected” as Chrysi Aygi members claim. Left parties and civic organizations claim that Chrysi Aygi members apart from protecting seniors, they also attack illegal immigrants. But that’s another story…

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  1. can we rent one to protect us at the protests 😉

  2. You mean to tell me that police officers will have no extra benefits for transport of explosives and/or hazardous materials??? The money in state revenues? again? where no one will ever see it? only a few gadgets to be bought to throw sand in our eyes while some of these men might be blown up? Horribly amazing! Just when you think they can’t go any lower… BOOM! A bottomless cess pit!!!

  3. can we rent them and then order them to arrest politicians? if yes then that is a good law

    • iaourti iaourtaki

      Kalispera Vassilis,

      as said you can rent a police-dog. If you’ll check for him later on a date with Loukanikos – i think he’s on holidays in Austria with his pedal-ski-boat at moment – Louk will show this dog some very interesting stuff and makes him first his comrade.
      Then both start a real political party and after biting each other softly into their ears for half an hour, the decision is clear that Loukanikos will be the party’s candidate for head of the state.

      But as revolution always takes some time, it also takes some time for them to make babies, and then it takes a while until these children of the revolution get old enough to visit the other police-dogs – who were missing the so far nameless doggy really a big deal – for barking about a real conspiracy.
      So, in the end the Syntagma-Dogs-Party has enough candidates for the PM-seats and will win the elections…

      Always and for ever: LOUKANIKOS FOR PRESIDENT!
      (party founding committee )

      p.s.: Politicians they take for breakfast, but English way…

      HAVE A NICE WEEK and KTG and all the followers too!


  4. Let’s see: We pay taxes for all kind of things. But one of the most important aspect, and historically one of the starting point of any state, is the protection of citizens. For this salaries for police are paid from these taxes.
    This protection will be scaled down to facilitate the rent-a-cop scheme so it can bring in more income for that same state. And the state will finance the status quo with it.
    Wonderful! After paying taxes twice for the same houses, we now will be paying for police protection we won’t get! And the state is squandering it away on their own cronies. Another brilliant chapter in the manual called “How to screw your own citizens 10 times over and still find new ways”.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      hahaha nice title for Greek Tragedy book

      • Oh well – made me laugh but not half as much as the latest statement issued regarding the 7.6 billion euros in tax fines that the state are having trouble collecting, apparently the Finance Ministry can’t handle it. Too big a job!

        Kalo Pascha KTG – have a peaceful weekend

        • keeptalkinggreece

          Kalo Pascha, rima! maybe they paint Easter Eggs and have no time to collects the taxes?

          • Ha ha yes well thats very likely KTG. I wonder if the Ministry of Finance Ministers ever take a peek at KTG – don’t suppose they can reply though, must struggle with the adding up, coz they keep making 2+2 = 5. Can’t we have a ‘like’ tab on here for replys? Ask the tech guys – I’m sure they can do it. Bye for now

          • keeptalkinggreece

            you mean Like tab on comments, right? or stars voting or thumbs ups (and downs)

          • Well yes, why not? On simple issues it’s not always necessary to write a reply, maybe it will tell us all the way people are thinking too.